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After fifteen days of Paragone...
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Published: 12 years ago
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After fifteen days of Paragone...


Thank you for the suggestions. I haven't heard of MSM but I will look into it. I'm willing to investigate every route possible and do what it takes to get rid of Mungo the tapeworm(?) and its buddies (?) and/or offspring(?)

I finished the first Paragone kit (the 15 days) and am doing the 5 day rest before the next 15 days.

I didn't realize how CR*PPY I've felt for most of the past 2 years until I started feeling SO much better. (Not 100%, but something like 30% better if I had to estimate.) I'm looking forward to my second Paragone kit, another 15 days, which I hope will boost my recovery some more.

The relief from the chronic headache is amazing and over the last two days, during the five day 'rest', I had the most normal BMs I've had in over two years. From what I've read it may be an indication that my liver is healing, bile is flowing better, etc. I'm not as bloated and I feel more energized and alert. Joy!

I did pass some odd looking thing around the eighth day or so, it was a dark crimson red rectangle about the size of a quarter that didn't correspond with anything I'd eaten. I suspect it may have been a fluke.

I haven't looked in the bowl too much, but I have sort of watched for pieces of tapes. I read that they can come out in pieces and may look leathery. Unfortunately, so far I haven't seen anything like that.

I believe that "Mungo" the Tapeworm is still alive because I decided to eat some fresh pineapple (thanks to those who wrote about tapes not liking pineapple on this site) during the 5 day rest and boy oh boy did 'Mungo' thrash around each time in what seemed a direct response to the pineapple. So the first 15 days of Paragone didn't kill it and likely the next 15 won't. I think I'll have to learn to work the cleanses, try some Liver Flushes and maybe haul out some of the "big guns", like praziquantel. I would prefer to kill 'Mungo' and its kin with herbal remedies, but at least I'll look at Prazi. I understand that it does have unpleasant side effects.

One thing's for certain, I'm going to keep up the 'house-keeping' that people write about-making sure that I do a parasite cleanse bi-annually and taking maintenance herbs between cleanses, after I get myself cleaned up.

As well as Praziquantel, I'm going to investigate coQ10, which seems to have a good reputation on this site, although it's expensive. I don't know enough about either yet to make an informed decision. I'll finish the second Paragone kit first.

I deleted part of a section I'd previously written here describing regaining sensation in the area of an old scar because it is just so unbelievably weird. It seemed to be connected to an Epsom Salt soak I did. I now have a raised area on my old scar with a scab on it, and full sensation in the area which had been numb for years.

What the heck??!!!!!!?

The only thing I can think of is, maybe when my liver got overloaded with toxins, it started dumping them in other areas in my body and perhaps, more toxins built up in the scar tissue in places where I'd had previous injuries than in uninjured areas, and the Epsom Salts moved something or drew the built-up toxins out? I'm guessing. It is so darn weird.

Unless parasite larva had taken up residence inside my old scars, and the cleanse moved them, which I wouldn't put past them, considering I've learned how they much they like to hide AND move around.


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