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What did you use to kill tapeworm?
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Published: 12 years ago
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What did you use to kill tapeworm?

Thanks to all for your replies and insight.

I've had the "moving" and/or "biting" sensations in my left abdomen for a least a year prior to finding this site. I'm really annoyed to say that I've been through a lot of tests including ultrasound, xrays, among others, and enough blood tests to make me a pincushion, all of which, of course, found nothing.

I had a stool test that did diagnose blastocystis H. but the last gastroenterologist I saw told me that he'd been a gastroenterologist for 30 years and that blastocyst doesn't cause symptoms. Instead he asked me a lot of questions about my life then he told me that there were many other people sick with much worse symptoms than mine (yes that's what he said!) and he told me to stay off the internet. (I guess he didn't like that I went to my appointment with a printout on blastocystosis from a parasitology magazine I found online that listed symptoms like mine.) Oops, guess I offended the high and mighty doc!

I'd already taken some ineffective drugs for blastocyst, but this gastroenterologist was the turning point. I got tired of being talked to like I was crazy or complaining about nothing. I realized that it was up to me to heal myself, and thank goodness for the internet. (Yes, there's a lot of garbage, BUT also university libraries, world class clinics and other great resources, like Curezone.)

It wasn't until I got onto Curezone looking for a way to kill the blastocysts that found out that there are over 1000 human parasites and if I have one, it's likely I could have more. I think the "movement" sensations and rock-hard stomach are consistent with Tapeworm infection, not blastocyst.

It wasn't until I started taking the Paragone that I felt a different movement, on my right side. Sort of a "fluttery" feeling. Very disconcerting. I think that is liver fluke and it, or they, must be very large to feel them move like that.

The "fluttering" was soon after a Paragone dose, so maybe they were reacting to it? Ew!!! I'm trying to stay positive and think about getting rid of them instead of imagining what they're doing in there.

I feel so much better already. It is now day 12 of my first Paragone cleanse. Feeling better might be because I am killing something off, and it might also be that there is power in taking action to heal myself.

If I can feel "biting", the parasite(s) must be holding on to the intestinal wall pretty hard. I will continue to learn all I can and be open to suggestions on how to best rid myself of them.

The first thing I did for myself after I got the blastocyst diagnosis and read up on it, was to go off sugar. It sounds unreal to me now, but I think I had something like withdrawal symptoms from Sugar for the first week I was off of it. The improvement in my blastocyst symptoms was so radical (something like 50%) that it encouraged me to stay off Sugar as much as I can.

That made doing the Paragone diet easier to follow, but I'm still having trouble drinking so much water.

Thanks for the suggestion about Humaworm. I know about him and have an order in. I understand the poor fellow had a fire that destroyed his home and warehouse and he's working really hard to fill his back orders, which is amazing under the circumstances. I hope to do the Humaworm after a liver flush. ( Liver Flush is my next project to learn about.)

Has anyone had a good kill off for Tapeworm and what did you use???

Best regards!

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