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Re: Liver Flushes
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: Liver Flushes

Ditto Southern Belle. Ask a doctor what colour fresh bile is. He / She will tell you it is pale yellow, a bit like gel and has no smell. Then ask what colour toxic bile is, s/he will tell you dark green and it smells foul! At least that is what my doctor told me. And guess what? I passed dark green, foul smelling liquid on my first cleanse as well as all the stones (I didn't take Epsom Salts only olive oil and lemon juice so there goes the theory that the oil reacts with the salts to make the stones). Like S.Belle, my allergies cleared, my Acne cleared, my skin became supple, my fatigue cleared etc etc.

Imagine my delight when 3 months later I did another cleanse and this time, what came out? PALE YELLOW ODOURLESS GEL-LIKE SUBSTANCE!!! followed by a few tiny dark green sticky stones. Wow! It was just like the doctor told me. (I fasted both times so no stools to get in the way and cloud/colour what was coming out)

More proof: I suffered constipation and my stools were often pale or clay coloured. A doctor will also tell you that if the bile isn't flowing (ie. your GB is blocked), the stools will be pale. Well after that first unblocking cleanse, my stools became dark brown!! ie. bile was flowing again. My constipation also got better.

Doctors are still saying they are not stones because this is what they are taught! Labs/Drs often refuse to test the stones people pass through flushing b/c they are taught that these aren't stones (in fact they are pre-calcified stones). Occasionally, you get an open-minded pathologist like the one mentioned in a Scottish university hospital lab on this site somewhere who did. They had to order special chemicals to test for cholesterol content b/c they don't usually do that sort of testing as Gall bladders are usually just removed.

Another point: Hulda Clark 's book explains how to make the zapper. I have a home-made one made by a friend of mine. And you can do Liver Flushing without zapping. I have many times (zapping and H.Clark are quite new to me). So, a Liver Flush is as cheap as olive oil and lemons or grapefruits!

Alternative medicines cost money because they are not subsidised by the government. In fact, in Australia they are taxed! Why? because the pharmaceutical companies have a large vested interest in keeping them out of people's reach. You can't patent a plant that occurs naturally in nature. Pharm. companies have money and therefore immense political power. Surgeons make a lot of money from removing gall bladders.

You have the right to make up your own mind but don't be so quick to discredit all the people on this site who have taken the time to post their amazing results and healing stories. I was told by a doctor that I would opt to have my GB out in 2 years, that everyone does because in the end, they can't hack the pain. Well, here I am 7 years later, gall bladder intact, pain free and in excellent health! I still have stones because my body is still making them but I have no pain, just an uncomfortable feeling. From this site I've learned a lot and now I know I can persevere until I've got NO stones. And I will.

Take your health into your own hands. Greeks and Italians have among the lowest incidence of heart disease. Why? OLIVE OIL!!! (so I've read). Experiment, it can't hurt you. Research for yourself and don't think that your doctor knows everything. What that taught at medical school 10 years ago is different and contradictory to what they teach today. They don't have all the answers.

And do let us know if you go ahead and try the flush! Also, the operation won't necessary clear your symptoms.

The doctors were so keen to take out my GB with the then new keyhold surgergy. Thank goodness I opted out. Now they've found that it damages the bile duct.

Anyway, long posting but hopefully some food for thought!

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