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Re: A week on from my 29 day fast...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: A week on from my 29 day fast...

hi chiron!
you are a fine example, i won't hear you say otherwise :)

i can really empathise with feeling discouraged and confused when confronted with such difficulties during re-feeding. it really doesn't seem at all fair!

i also had problems with my eyes when i broke my fasts prematurely. the first one i was forced to break at 26-days because i had to drive for 3 hours and had a lot of commitments that i couldn't get out of. i remember standing in a store - which was hot and stuffy and full of christmas shoppers (gah) - and i could feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head and everything went black. embarrassingly, i had to sit down on the floor for about 10 minutes before i could move again. so i broke my fast with a clear wakame broth - and felt dreadful for about 2 weeks. my eyes became sore and itchy and horror-movie red, and i felt lethargic and depressed. i couldn't really get into food either, but i just took it really slowly and had tried to eat fresh fruits and vegies. it was pretty grim but i did gradually start to feel better. and stronger.

the fast is an important process, for sure, but so is the refeeding, which is perhaps even more important. one is cleansing, the other is healing/rebuilding. it sounds like your body is still trying to finish some cleansing right now, which is why you are getting strange symptoms. (what you experienced on the last 4 days of your fast is called a 'spitting crisis' - i had it for the first few days on my last fast, and i seem to recall that chrisb1 had it pretty badly on his first prolonged fast).

anyway, provided you just keep with your gentle refeeding with mainly raw foods, your body will correct itself in time. (sorry, i know that 'in time' doesn't sound too soothing right now!). the body is an amazing, self-healing organism and it is remarkably resilient. you need to trust in your body now as much as you did during the fast itself.

which, of course, is easier said than done. after my 36-day fast, i had such bad cabin fever that i decided to go swimming - maybe about 10-days into my refeeding. swimming is like moving meditation for me and i felt like i really needed to do it. i swam pretty slowly and managed to stop myself from having imaginary races with people in the other lanes (heh heh), but when i got out of the pool, my feet had swollen up so badly that i couldn't get my flippers off! so i had to shuffle to the change rooms in my flippers (i felt like something out of dr seuss!) and struggle for about 10 minutes to get them off. then 3-days later, i got impetigo all over my face :(
basically, i think i had just tried to push my body too much during the crucial phase of refeeding/healing. so let this be a cautionary tale!

hey, that is weird that your body clock has changed so much! the exact same thing happened to me on my fasts: i would be awake all night, sometimes not getting to sleep until 8 or 9am and then wake up again at about 5pm. i hated that a lot. it took a while to readjust afterwards - i kept trying to get up earlier but i just couldn't function. i decided to just try and be zen and let my body sort itself out. i think it took about 2 weeks.

i don't think you messed up at all, i think you broke your fast when you needed to, in terms of the mental/emotional aspects. please, please don't beat yourself up about it! it is what it is.

whether or not you need to do another long fast to completely heal probably also isn't something you should be thinking about right now! you could possibly do a short fast again now or just tough it out for the next few days, complete your refeeding (which should be at least 30days) and then see what's going on. a long fast is a big commitment (i know you know this!) and you need to be prepared on every level - physically, emotionally, organisationally blah blah.

so you hang in there lovely, you will be okay!
i'm sorry that things aren't better for you right now...
- lulu


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