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Published: 16 years ago


I was recently reading a book called 'Spiritual Nutrition' by Gabriel Cousens. I read the book on living water, and a few lines in this book have forced me to re-think several things about water. I will give a few excerpts from the book and then a brief article by True Ott (whom is Gabriel Cousen's source of information on this subject). Hopefully some of you guys will be able to provide prospective on this subject.

Selected excerpts from The Living Water Chapter of Gabriel Cousen's book, 'Spiritual Nutrtion:'

"The function of water is to bring active natural hydrogen into the cell, so the cell becomes hydrated and the DNA of the nucleus becomes hydrated. The meaning of hydration is hydrogen-donating electrons. This is the secret of water. When we understand this principle, chossing what water will best serve us becomes very simple.... Water, when it has a pH of 7.2 or less, has biologically active natural hydrogen, and therefore the most electrons [snozberry's note, this is the phrase that has made me think the most! Why does a positive hydrogen atom have the most electrons?]... The secret to the chemistry of life is the flow of hydrogen-donating electrons and how it affects all intracellular processes. DNA needs the electron energy from the hydrated water to repair it. The flow of hydrogen into the cells from the natural water helps bring oxygen into the cell in the form of H20. The flow of hydrogen, which is electron-donating, activates the cytochrome oxidative system in the mitochondria of the cell to make ATP. ATP is the source of biological energy... Once we understand this basic principle that water has to do with hydration (hydra), and that the hydrogen it brings into the system subsequently releases electrons into the system for all energy systems to work, we are then ready to understand the principles of water. Water that is high in hydrogen, and therefore electrons, works as a powerful antioxidant. Water in this context is the universal antioxidant... Natural water is a high hydrogen-donating water, such as you see in pristine rainwater. When you distill water, you free up the natural hydrogen in the water, so you can hydrate the cells. Total dissolved solids (TDS) tells you that the amount of minerals and other frequencies in the water-- pesticides, herbicides, and so forth...

Dr. Otts research seems to indicate that if the TDS is greater than 50 ppm (parts per million) those total dissolved solids interact and trap the electrons so they cannot be used to transfer to our cells. At a TDS of 200 or above, we would have only a minimal availability of free hydrogen and electrons. Water with a TDS of 200 or greater usually tends to be alkaline. With a TDS of 50 or less, hydronium ions gets formed, resulting in H30; this more actively and electron-donating hydrogen input. This piece of information makes it clear that the most natural and healing water is the most hydrogen-donating water-- the water that has the highest amount of electrons. "Mature" distilled water is optimal because it is the highest hydrogen-donating water. Mature water is distilled water that has been restructed in a highly energetic way...

Once we understand this principle,we can then begin to understand why certain beverages are not particularly conductive to our electron input. For example, caffeine drinks bond to hydrogen and therefore prevent hydration, similar to carbon monoxide (CO) binding to hemoglobin and therefore not allowing the oxygen to function. Carbonated beverages create a similar situation, because they create a chemical acidity that is not a natural hydrogen and they bind the hydrogen. They also create a false acidity by creating a carbonic acid. The implication is that you cannot simply add hydrocloric acid or other acids to water and assume the result will be a hydrated water. Chemicals added to water do not necessarily create a natural hydrogen in the water.... live juices are very good because they have many minerals and they are hydrating. But they are not necessarily as hydrating as mature distilled water...

In contrast to chemical acids, there are natural acids-- lemons, limes, apple cider vinegar, and grapefruit-- that are very high in natural electron-donating hydrogen. They acidify the cell cytoplasm inside the cell around the nucleus. Outside the cell, in the extracellular fluid, we have alkalinity, while inside the cell, in the cytoplasm, we have acidity. This polarity between the inside and outside of a cell is normal and healthy; it is what drives the ostmotic pressure and creates an electrical gradient. Our saliva pH measures the extracellular pH, and it will become alkaline when we take something like apple cider vinegar, because the vingar makes the extracellular fluids alkaline, because it is donating its hydrogens to go intracellular, so the intracellular protoplasm becomes more acidic... Healthy water inceases alkalinity of the extracellular fluid and increases the acidity of the intracellular fluid. The biggest cause of DNA malfunction is dehydration, which is a lack of hydrogen ions... oxygen cannot get in... because there is not enough electron-filled hydrogen inside the cell to draw the oxygen. [Snozberry's note, how exactly is a positively charged hydrogen electron filled? That is what I have not grasped yet]

The acid-alkaline discuassion has a variety of paradoxes, but natural acids and alkaline-producing foods create an increase in hydrogen in the intracellular environment, also known as the cytoplasm. It is the cytoplasm that uses the hydrogen ions to hydrate. Alkaline Water also has a hydrogen, but it is minus the electron, and therefore forms a hydroxyl ion, a powerful free radical that, in essence, oxidizes the system. [This sentence is huge. Does anybody else understand this? He is basically saying that Alkaline Water is not good for the body while acid water is. But Why, can anyone explain this? It is actually counter-intuitive and seems against most of the stuff I learned in chemistry.]

Oxidation increases aging and degeneration. In other words, the alkaline water's hydroxyl ions are elctron takers, not donors. The alkaline water, however, may give you a felling of energy because, as cells are destroyed from free-radical oxidation, they give off energy. Unfortunately, this is short-term energy. This is why some of the research in Japan has suggested that there are long-term deleterious effects from drinking alkaline water, particularly water having a pH of 8.5 or higher. The important point here is not getting confused about the word alkaline. Alkaline Water isn't our friend. Naturally purified, acid water is our friend, and it creates an alkaline extracellular fluid and an acid intracellular fluid. As the hydrogen moves intracellularly, it brings oxygen with it and therefore increases the respiration inside the cell and also within the mitochondria. [This may be the answer to my question. Perhaps the electrons come from positively charged hydron drawing negatively charged oxygen into the cell with it. Perhaps alkaline water, as it has negative charged hydroxyl groups keeps the oxygen away since it repels another negatively charged structure. I think this is very important to understand and I trying to figure out exactly what the author means. He probably could have explained it more clearly in his book]

Often people have extracellular fluids that are quite mineral depleted. The least expensive way to ameliorate this is with ionic slats such as Himalayan, Celtic, Krystal, or Real salt. These salts are non-heated salts. They have ionic bonding. All heated salt becomes covalently bonded. Covalently bonded salt is difficult for the body to absorb intracellularly....

Now that we understand the basic principles of water, let's look at it from a broader perspective. Every function of the human body is connected to osmotic flow, which means that energymoves from higher points of ionic concentration to lower points of ionic concentration across an energized membrane... It is one of the primary methods of mineral and nutrient transportation at the cell level. It is also the way toxins are removed from cells. The benefits of water are best achieved if the body recieves pure mature water on a consistent basis. Pure water is natural high-hydrogen-donor water, 7.2 pH or lower.

Water has many important properties besides its role as a solvent and as a way of bringing nutrients to the cell. As we begin to understand the electrical power of water, we see that the osmotic flow across the cell membrane actually generates hydroelectric energy. this is associated with the flow of electrons coming in with the hydrogen. This electical energy is stored as ATP and GTP, which are the basic units of bioligical energy in the body."

[This is all the excerpts I am taking from this book. It really is an outstanding book. If you want more information on how to make the mature water check out this book, 'Spiritual Nutrition' by Gabriel Cousens. The book also has very good chapters on live foods, minerals, subtle energetic fields, and monatomic gold.]

Below I have an article from the primary soucre of this information True Ott to make this subject even clearer for everyone.

The Science Behind Life-giving Water
By A. True Ott, PhD

In my book, Natureís Minerals, Wellness Secrets for life, I outline the basics of body chemistry referred to as pH. In the early years of the 20th Century, pioneer nutrition scientists like Otto Warburg compiled lists of foods and beverages that cause the body to either become alkaline, or acid. Maintaining a balanced body pH of 7.0 to 7.2 is extremely critical if one wishes to enjoy good health and maintain homeostasis (cellular mineral and electrolyte balance.)

In a nutshell, pH stands for the relative percentage of positively charged Hydrogen molecules in an object. Hydrogen, of course, is what hydrates the bodyís cells and tissues, and in turn, well hydrated cells and tissues utilize oxygen and mineral molecules much more efficiently in the manufacturing of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), amino acids, and dozens of other enzymes and hormonal secretions. Without an abundance of positively charged hydrogen (H+) molecules, the cells of the body cannot function at the optimum level.

Water with a high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) count of over 50 ppm becomes electrically charged and can actually conduct an electric current. Such water will actually cause a small electric light bulb to become illuminated, and of course, will cause your body to become crispy toast if you happen to drop an appliance into it while bathing. It will also cause your body to be toast (age prematurely) if you drink it regularly! Water with a high TDS count is also typically a base (slightly alkaline) substance, meaning it is lacking hydrogen molecules, and will search for hydrogen molecules in the body to balance itself. Slightly alkaline (base) water, in short, often causes de-hydration on the cellular level! Water with zero TDS on the other hand, cannot become electrically charged, and therefore has an acid pH measurement, which simply means it is pure water loaded with positively charged hydrogen (H+) molecules, providing superior hydration at the cellular level.

In 1923, Danish chemist Johannes Bronsted, and British chemist Thomas Lowry showed that acid (pH of 0 to 7.0) substances on the pH scale are hydrogen (H+) proton DONORS, and base (or alkaline) substances (7.1 to 14) are hydrogen proton ACCEPTORS (H-). These substances become reversed when consumed by the body. In essence, they are either acidic or alkaline by design, but function in reverse upon consumption. When we consume alkaline (base) foods and beverages such as red meats and coffee, we are therefore causing our body fluids to become acidic, oxygen uptake is impaired, and free radicals (atoms having at least one unpaired electron) begin to destroy cells prematurely in their quest for matching protons. Flooding the body with pure, positively charged hydrogen protons in a 100% pure, aqueous form, causes the all natural elimination of these potentially deadly free radicals and allows the cell to perform its chemical production as outlined above.

Technically speaking then, pure water such as Aqua-Life produced by Energy Images has a pH measurement of 5.0 precisely because of its high positive hydrogen content, and is actually known scientifically as hydronium. The negative logarithm for hydronium is: pH = -log [H30+], while high TDS water with a base measurement above 7.0 is known technically as hydroxyl and itís formulation is pOH = -log [OH-]. (See Bronsted-Lowry Theory, as well as Arrhenius-Ostwald Theory.)

In laymanís terms, pure organic acids are loaded with life giving hydrogen molecules, which the body must have in order to successfully hydrate the cells. This is why highly acidic lemon and lime juice and pure apple cider vinegar has been so successful for many years in elevating the bodyís pH, and in turn explains why raising the bodyís pH alleviates over 150 deadly diseases that are plaguing modern man today. Cancer cells cannot survive in a pH balanced body, and heart disease, the #1 killer in America is related to high body acid counts as well. Consuming Aqua-Life water on a daily basis will help the body eliminate the formation of free radicals, and will absolutely help to balance the pH of the body in a major, totally natural manner. Good health and long life, full of happiness and joy may well be the result. This Ďsweet-waterí is also much better tasting than sour tasting apple cider vinegar and lemons.


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