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My Healing Experience - Further Follow-up (Stress-induced Vs Medication-induced Eyelid-twitching)
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Published: 14 years ago
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My Healing Experience - Further Follow-up (Stress-induced Vs Medication-induced Eyelid-twitching)

My Healing Experience - Further Follow-up (Stress-induced Vs Medication-induced Eyelid-twitching)

Given below is another excerpt of my reply to the other party giving additional details about my healing experience from such chronic eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking sickness and I hope that the information given will again be useful to the intended readers. Thank you.

Quotation :

'This is great information. I had twitching in only one eye and I tracked it down to stress. I reduced my stress levels and the twitching stopped.'

My Reply :

Thanks for your feedback.

Actually you really reminded me of the several diagnoses given to me by some of the doctors, especially the general practioners from whom I had desperately sought repeated treatments during the initial stages for my prolonged chronic rapid eyelid-twitching/eye-blinking sickness and as a matter of fact, all of them just told me that such a 'visually incapacitating' symptom was purely stress-induced and it would just automatically 'go away' when my life / I would come to be less-stressful one day. In the end, almost all of them just gave me such medications as eye drops, neurobions, vitamin/mineral pills and numerous anti-muscle-spasm pills/injections for my incessantly rapid twitching eyelids / eye-blinkings.

Unfortunately, they all turned out to be completely helpless in coping with my rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking sickness. And kindly be informed that I had quited my job by the time I sought most of the medical treatments from them and there's simply no way that my life was 'stressful' by that time (I took plenty of rest at home during that 'jobless' period).

Actually when these 'normal treatments' turned out to be futile while the medical MRI & CT scanning simply showed no signs of brain / central nervous systems / neurons / brain cells damages at all (as a matter of fact, such movement disorders caused purely by bodily chemical imbalaces due to disturbances to the impulse-relaying chemical agents - neurotransmitters -such as acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin etc which are produced by the neurons / nerve cells, simply could not be revealed / observable / diagnosed through such medical scanning examinations alone - please refer to : Primary Vs Secondary Blepharospasm), the related medical experts just labelled the sickiness as 'undiagnosable' and instead just referred me to a neurosurgeon who eventually gave me Botox injections to temporarily half-paralyse my eyelid muscles to deal with the rapid eyelid-twitchings / eye-blinkings.

In your case, I should say that you are far luckier than me to get such eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking problem solely due to stress which in turn will just 'go away' by itself when your life turns out to be less stressful one day.

Whereas, in my case for which the chronic eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking that is due to neurological side effects of medications (which antagonize the neurotransmitters in the nervous system), it would simply require some far larger efforts and one's willingness to try anything (all the alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, chiropractic etc) as well as some 'chance and luck' to eventually get it totally healed (otherwise there wouldn't be so many people complaining about such a chronic sickness which have remained uncured for these people for a number of years both over the internet and in real life).

As such, by posting articles about my healing experiences for such a prolonged chronic 'visually incapacitating' sickness of rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking over the internet, I hope that I will eventually be able to reach out to more and more such needy people elsewhere and anywhere so that they will somehow at least get a cue and some relevant ideas about the probable causes and ways of dealing with their like-sicknesses.

Lastly, I hope that my posts will be useful to such intended readers. Thank you. "

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