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Onward and upward
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Published: 14 years ago
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Onward and upward

Hi, Chris,

I'm glad to read the things you have been doing, and, yes, I think more parasite activity could very well indicate 'die-off'.

At the very least, when you see any change in their activity, you know that what you are taking/doing has hit close to have affected them.

There is no way R.G. at Humaworm, Inc. could answer any email, as much as he would like to...July 31st his home and adjoining production building were hit by lightning, and burned to the ground.

They lost everything, EVERYTHING, though no one was hurt.

True to his character they began immediately to rebuild, not only their lives and home, but Humaworm, Inc...starting with 6,000 backorders, and 9,000 emails to new premises and supplies to find.

You may want to read his only post since July 31st in the Ask Humaworm forum. It's called, 'Eating an elephant', and is at the bottom of the current page.

There were two earlier posts by a friend called 'Hammer'. They can be found on the previous Ask Humaworm page, and they tell a little of R.G.'s efforts to renew production.

You will get a fine overview of the understanding R.G. and everyone taking the herbal route to well-being have uncovered, by reading in that forum. And, no, you aren't 'odd' in any way. In fact, I think you are amazingly calm, cool, and collected.

We are all learning, and here and there, in your reading, some things are going to 'resonate', ring true with you.

Just in the past couple of days I realized that the Humaworm formula, in supporting the organs, as well as killing parasites and eliminating their debris, is also developing the body's own defense system, the point that healing comes faster and faster.

I read a comment recently that the immune system is working flat out to overcome this infection...that it is counter-productive to 'stimulate' the organs...but much better to support them. As you relieve yourself of sources of toxins, for example, your organs and system are freed of stresses and begin to strengthen. You begin to raise your level of immunity.

One major source of stress, I think, is worry. And it is normal to worry what might happen next.

Many years ago I read an oral surgery book. It turned my stomach to see pictures of awful things that can happen in people's mouths...even though the book was all about helping these folks.

With every case I found myself speculating on the likelihood that I could develop similar conditions. I was eighteen, and worked in a dental supply house.

I was so glad to notice my inclination to take on 'symptoms' just from reading about them...and put a stop to the activity.

That lesson has stayed with me for five decades. I am able to smile at the young person I was, and to see that there are other ways of looking at things. I even laugh at myself sometimes. Does me a world of good to see how I can take on the 'costume' of 'awful' conditions, foolishly...usually from looking up too close.

That's the very moment to get out and see the world, take a walk, as you do.

Jane Goodall wrote a fine essay called, 'Four Reasons for Hope'. I'll go get the link.

parasites are such narrow-minded little things...and we are so much bigger and smarter. Every small thing we do to promote our own well-being strengthens our immunity (isn't that a lovely word?!), and brings freedom closer and closer, faster and faster.

You'll see all kinds of simple things that give you the competitive edge, like...

...The Humaworm 'in-betweens' that keep populations down while waiting the 90 days or more, between rounds of cleansing.

...Oil-pulling, see the forum here on CureZone. I think most believe that organic, cold-pressed sesame seed oil works best.

...Oxygen. Whenever you think of it, and are about to make a move of exertion, gently and fully exhale completely. Not only does this automatically use the full lung capacity on the inhale after the exertion, but the incoming oxygen goes directly to the muscles you just used.

I wonder what would happen if you used this old yoga trick on the muscles you are concerned about at the moment. It surely couldn't hurt to experiment...maybe in a quiet moment of flexing and stretching...exhaling gently and fully just before each exertion.


...The uplifting and healing power of laughter. Some Taoists believe that, when you are finished 'thinking' for the day, it is wise to physically smile and think of the area of your navel. That apparently sends the rest of your energy to the 'body mind', an actual collection of nerves there, to give the body energy in healing while you sleep. Stops the mind from going in circles, too, as you drift off.

There's a fine method of easily falling asleep written in the Sleep forum here on CureZone.

Interrupted sleep weakens the immune system something fierce; I'm living proof of that.

...And, of course, the bath in a 1% solution of whole, clean, crystal mineral salts laid down by evaporating ancient oceans, long before we invented pollution.

It's going to be exciting to offer yourself to parasitologists, veterinarians, and other researchers in this field. Here and there you are going to find individuals who have been thinking about these very questions, and are deeply interested in your case and what exactly you have learned so far.

You are an expert, you see. You know stuff, and questions, they want to hear.

Choose your collaborators for that wonderful 'connection' between human beings...that certain tone of voice that signals openness and friendship without judgement. Let interested and interesting others be onlookers. There is nothing like teamwork for good ideas and motivation. You choose which ideas you want to go with. You ARE the expert!

Read You'll see what I mean.

Sleep well, Chris.


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