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Re: UT is a big help, REALLY BIG!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: UT is a big help, REALLY BIG!

Hi Wood Elf,

I was just thinking about this some, and I think for someone curious about getting into UT, but worried about taste, a good thing to do would be to go a full day on a fairly simple and natural diet, and then towards the end of the day drink the urine from that. The taste and feel will be much more acceptable than if you were, say, drinking lots of coke, eating spicy or heavily fatty and oily foods, lots of junk food, etc.

Two reasons for this:

1) If your first experience with UT is with the urine from those "bad" foods, which is likely to taste and feel quite strong, repulsive, and acidic, then chances are you're not going to be left with a very good impression of it, and you're just going to confirm your idea that "pee is nasty", unless you're one of the very desperate people who will do this "no matter what" for medical reasons.

2) If you start off with more "pure and natural" urine (from simple things like water, fruits, and vegetables), then you'll have a reference point to work with. Then when you go back to those other foods, you'll see just how dramatically they affect the state of the urine... it's a pretty cool experiment to try out, actually. :)

What I mean by "simple and natural" is:

Drink only water throughout the day, or fresh fruit or vegetable juices. NOT bottled juices and NOT frozen concentrate juices. You don't have to try and drink a lot more than usual, but just replace what you would normally drink with water and/or fresh juices.

Eat primarily fruits and vegetables. I've found fruits like bananas, apples, pears, kiwi fruit, grapes, and oranges all affect the taste of urine favorably.

Try to eat some raw vegetables like fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatos. Those should all be fine to eat raw, but if you are curious about others, be sure to do some research beforehand. I think it's still best to cook "root" vegetables (like carrots and potatos) and mushrooms. If raw isn't your thing, you can go with cooked vegetables, but keep spices and seasonings to a minimum. I've found things like lentil soups and rich vegetable soups give the urine a "rich and hearty" taste ... hard to describe, but interesting. In either case, go with FRESH vegetables, preferrably not even frozen (although that prolly won't affect urine taste any), and DEFINITELY not canned. Canned vegetables are dead garbage and loaded with preservatives and are not going to positively affect the urine's taste (and will likely worsen the taste). And don't microwave your vegetables (or anything else, for that matter). I don't know if it would affect taste/feel, but there's plenty other reasons not to do it anyway. :)

I've also found some grains to be OK as far as the resulting urine taste. Basmati rice, or even just plain white rice, barley, oatmeal -- all organic if possible, but if not, stick to the "plain" stuff that actually takes some time to cook. Stay away from "instant" stuff. For example, in the case of oatmeal, if you have to go with a name brand like Quaker or whatever, go with "old fashioned" oats, not "instant" and DEFINITELY not those "flavored" packets with "peaches & cream", "maple & brown sugar", etc, as those are no better than junk food.

Don't eat any junk food or even "junk food in the disguise of healthy food" which seems to be pretty popular these days. No meat or dairy either... I don't have personal experience with how either of these affect taste but I've read they have a negative effect.

I'm not saying you have to take on all this as a permanent diet or anything... but just stick to these things for one (or more) day(s) so that you can start out by seeing how urine CAN taste from simple, natural, fresh foods, as opposed to a lot of the more typical things we tend to eat...



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