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Re: For those of you not seeing benefits
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: For those of you not seeing benefits

Oh, don't get me wrong. :) The occasional energy boost and alertness are MAJOR improvements for me. I literally have been feeling just shy of being bedridden due to undiagnosable health problems. I suspect in my case there is probably some sort of viruses, parasites, or toxins that are behind it all. I've a sister who is even sicker than I am. I am expecting, given enough time, that I will get better on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement (maybe not everything but enough that the other protocols can get a grip on things). I feel that the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is addressing things in a subtle way, which is fine since my ailments seem to be subtle also (at least to the doctors).

I just don't want people totally giving up on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement because they don't see immediately obvious results. It may be working a little stealthily, though still addressing major health issues for them. Yes, there will be a group of people who may see no benefit whatsoever. But then there will be a segment who will see big immediate results, and then there will be those like me who will have little, subtle indicators that it's working, just not obvious Red Sea parting results ... can't miss those (though I do think the FINAL results will be Red Sea parting ... the process for this group is just more subtle ... sometimes "God works in mysterious ways" sort of subtle).

My main point was, look at some of the little indicators that it's working, like the skin, because while you may think a skin improvement is minor, it's actually a MAJOR indicator of general health. Don'ts give up just because you are only noticing itty-bitty things. Think Hershey's Kisses ... sometimes great things come in small packages. :) If you notice something small, take heart from it!

I do think I would have been getting great die-off symptoms had I not done the other protocols first. I think they helped clear my system of enough that I could avoid the worst here. But they weren't able to address everything, thus trying the MMS. What if there was some cancer somewhere? Maybe that's what the 13 year pain in my side has been (yes, I've had them look for gall stones and found none; and yes, I have done liver flushes). I think it is a very good thing to cleanse the liver, colon and kidneys first before doing MMS. Also trying the Iodine for a while first, too, to clean out some of the fluoride and bromine and other heavy metals. But I think at this point now I need the MMS to knock out some of the unknowables so that these other protocols can work better when I return to them. I am expecting miracles after going through MMS and then returning to the iodine.

By the way out of all "drinkable" protocols I've gone through, here's how I personally rate the worst taste (note that MMS for my personal taste is NOT the worst):

#4 MMS with citric acid
#3 Salt push with potassium chloride
#2 Olive oil and grapefruit juice
#1 Epsom salt

Epsom Salts and the grapefruit/olive oil mixture give me immediate gag reflexes, even the thought of them. The potassium chloride just makes me wince a lot while trying to guzzle it down. And despite the gag reflex for #1-3, to me they really do taste way, way worse. And at this point in time, the 10 drops as of this morning doesn't even cause a wince. However, I am expecting that when I finally get to the point of not needing the MMS at all anymore I will probably develop a strong aversion to it. I'm thinking in my case that I don't find it disgusting right now is because my body recognizes it needs it right now.


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