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For those of you not seeing benefits
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Published: 12 years ago
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For those of you not seeing benefits

Maybe you are getting benefits and just not recognizing it. I've been using various protocols from Cure Zone over the last year (oil pulling, Iodine supplementation, Humaworm, Essiac tea, and now Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ). I've been on the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for just shy of a week now, and am now up to 9 drops 2x a day.

Like several people, I have not had D, nor V. You think because you aren't getting the D or V that it's not working. May I suggest the reasons you may not be getting it may be because your elimination processes are working well (liver, kidneys, colon, skin, etc.)? That doesn't mean you aren't sick, but perhaps you are voiding the toxins and wastes generated by the dieoff well?

From the other protocols I've followed, in my experience, my skin has moments of becoming baby soft. That's the easiest indicator I have had for myself to know when I'm getting benefits from a protocol. It's an easy visual and tactile indicator of how well your other organs are functioning and that the bad stuff IS being eliminated. When I'm at a standstill, my hands "look my age," but when I'm making headway, my hands look and feel decades younger. Your skin is one of the major organs of elimination.

I KNOW the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is working for me despite not getting the D or V because within 1 hour of taking each dose, I get that baby-soft skin. As long as I'm getting the softer skin, I know it's doing something to my benefit.

I have gotten an occasional stinging sensation where there is a mole, or where I've suspected there's some internal problem that doctors have not diagnosed yet. Like near the gallbladder or duodenum, so I suspect the MMS is working there, but I have no proof. I can't get the proof since doctors can't find the problem there with their testing despite 16 years of pain there. The "proof" for me will be when that pain stops. It has been less frequent on the MMS. But I'm patiently waiting to give the MMS and my body time to react and hopefully this will someday go away.

I have gotten some fatigue on the MMS, which I do put down to detox, but I have had a LOT of energy boosts and alertness that I do not usually have. This is a BIG plus for me. I've a sleep disorder that three sleep studies have not been able to diagnose, so I'm hoping the MMS allows my body to "fix" whatever the mysterious sleep disorder is.

Also, maybe more of the smaller benefits that you may not be acknowledging are some of the muscle aches. I'm normally in a lot of muscle pain. Because of the sleep disorder, I never get the proper muscle healing we get when we go into deep sleep, so my muscles remain taught and painful and take forever to heal up after exercise. Well, ever since day one on the MMS, most (not all) of the muscle aches have gone away. I do still have problems at my worst areas, but it's not the all over pain.

The "itty-bitty" benefits of the skin and muscle pain relief may sound minor, but they are signs of major healing going on inside. One reason muscles hurt and knot up is a build up of toxins in the muscles, viruses, and parasites. The pain relief is a sign to me that some of the baddies have been released from the muscle tissues. The healthy skin is a big indicator of general health because it shows the other organs are functioning well.

So when you are thinking you are not getting any benefits with MMS, think back to some of your itty-bitty improvements. Though peripherally small, they may be indicators of big benefits that you cannot see. Don't give up. The small things you see may actually be big.

As to the taste, I only so far have had problems with taking it the first few times. At the 9 drop doses now, I actually like the taste. I do just the citric acid and water. I am liking the tart taste of the citric acid . I did try vinegar with my very first dose, but that was just too disgusting. I'm wondering if maybe it will start to taste bad to me when I get to where maybe I don't need the MMS anymore. Jury is still out on that one.

From reading some of SilverFox's experiments, I've decided on average 4 oz. water for up to 5 drops MMS. So maybe that is why I can handle the taste. Tomorrow I will increase to 10 drops 2x with 8 oz. water, unless my stools start to soften. I'm taking the increasing somewhat cautiously. If I start to notice a little too much gurgling or any minor stomach acidity, I hold at that dose until things settle. If all is fine, then I figure it's OK to increase the dose. So hopefully by Tuesday I will be at 11 drops 2x with 12 oz. water. I think the citric acid for me masks the chlorine smell/taste enough that I can drink it down. I do make sure to try not to smell the drink as I swallow it.

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