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Israel planned false flag attack on Iran?
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Published: 10 years ago

Israel planned false flag attack on Iran?

Take this with a grain of salt, but it is an interesting possibility:

The threat of War over the events in Georgia continues to build. Russia according to the Voice of America site (which is very pro Western business model) is headlining "Russia: G7 Condemnation over Georgia Shows 'Bias'". Gee, yah think?

Meantime, one of our 'well-placed sources' sent along this report today which we don't have independent confirmation of yet, so take this with a grain of salt:

Hello George,

I know that you will add a wimpy disclaimer, if you publish this, and I understand that you are no longer living in the country, in which you and I were born. However, this information should get wider circulation than it will ever get in the main stream media.

Russian forces are still holding 12 of 22 Georgian servicemen taken prisoner in Poti last week, including two Yemini Jews, disguised as Arabs. On one of these, Russian military intelligence interrogators found a packet of reports, wrapped in plastic and taped to the man's back. This packet consisted of 'the highest level security matters.'

This concerned the ongoing plan to base Israeli fighter-bombers at Marneuli military airbase, 20 kilometers south of Tbilisi and that these aircraft were intended for a special air raid on the Iranian capital city of Tehran. It was originally felt that six aircraft were to be utilized, three attacking the city itself and three to attack targeted Iranian oil facilities.

The captured Israeli's papers, all written in Hebrew, when translated by the Russian GRU turned out to be somewhat different in nature. While one flight was indeed intended to attack various Iranian oil facilities, the second flight was planned to drop chemical warfare bombs on Tehran. These bombs, which were designed to blow open at a set altitude, were filled with weapons-grade anthrax and this anthrax, kept in a specially sealed box at the U.S. diplomatic offices in Tiblisi, came from Fr. Detrick in Maryland and their shipment had the approval of the President himself. Another twist to the bizarre plot was that the aircraft, made in the United States, were to have their Israeli marking masked with American markings and that these markings were to be applied in a water-based paint that could easily be hosed off when this flight returned to Georgia.

When the Russians learned of this, they immediately notified their Embassy in Tehran and subjected their Yemeni Israeli to what they called 'intensive interrogation,' not unlike the CIA's Bush-mandated torture. In this case, the 'subject expired' but not before revealing more of the joint Israeli-US activity.

In an abstract sense, the Russian counter attack on Georgia indirectly saved the lives of many thousands of Iranians.

The Americans, apparently, were totally unaware of the Israeli false flag portion of the operation. Had the BW attack been successful, the question arises as to whether the American military command would ever discuss any aspect of it. If any of the falsely-marked Israeli aircraft had been seen and wrongly identified as American, there would be heated denials and the matter would quickly be shoved under the carpet by the American media.

By the way, though I disagree with your use of wimpy disclaimers, I understand your perceived necessity of disassociating yourself from the promotion of revolution, for which one could possibly be charged with treason. Peaceful resistance, however, is still legal in Amerika and I advocate disorganized resistance, a method taught to me by the same people who have trained your brother-in-law.

Now that's a dynamite accusation, so I wrote back to see if I could get some detailed sourcing from my source:

"I "float", daily, around the United Nations in Geneva. Whenever there is a media story, there is always a back story, which is kept from the media but circulated within the halls. I can not state that this info comes from the ******* but the **** in Geneva, has the best intelligence network in the world. You also need to understand that state players gossip and engage in "shoptalk" constantly. We are all there to gather or dispense info.

The scuttlebutt is that Russia will be releasing the translations of the original Hebrew docs, as well as the American shipping docs, shortly.

This is why Olmert rushed to Moscow for damage control."

Remember, this is the scuttlebutt going on at the UN in Geneva.

However, what's clear is that Israel continues to harden its position on Iran with headlines today that "Israel had decided: Iran will not have nukes".

And all of this compounds as we lurch forward to the October 7th date identified in the predictive linguistics work at
as when we'll slide into events that will dwarf 9/11 in terms of emotive values though at least mid January 2009.

And say, with all this intrigue going on, you don't suppose that FAA IFR flight plan computing error this week was a little back-channel messaging from the Russians to the US, do you? The "FAA points finger at switch for server crash" is the latest... wonder what the IP address of the switch was?

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