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North Star, About helpers
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Published: 14 years ago
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North Star, About helpers

The relative who was having difficulty getting off Zoloft was fortunate to have daily assistance, company for a few hours each day while her husband was at work.

Members of her church volunteered to visit with her, just so she wouln't be entirely alone.

I can imagine that was a great help. Perhaps they assisted sometimes with the care of her little ones, but I would think just their being there, as a reference point, or as someone to call for help when needed, would be a valuable service and comfort.


Please excuse me if you read me saying this before...I feel like a broken record sometimes...

Banishing all anxiety with only two footbaths in whole, clean, crystal mineral salts that have been selected and balanced by plants, feels wonderful.

It IS a swim in an ancient, clean, ocean...just add water.

At the moment I noticed that all anxiety had unexpectedly vanished...I immediately thought what a wonderful thing this would be for people with any kind of feeling difficulties.

The skin is not just our largest is our best detoxer...eliminating more than the lungs, the kidneys, and the bowels, combined.

The skin also is able to take in and push out every individual mineral salt, according to our it dilutes toxins. ...Basic balance if I ever saw it!

I wish I could describe how I felt from just two footbaths on consecutive evenings...clean and charge of my feelings...happy. And I didn't even know I was anxious to begin with. Yes, I was in fear of my life from a couple of nasty parasites, but I thought I was 'on top of it'.

What a wake-up!

There is only one 'calculation' to make...put 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of crystal mineral salts into the average bathtub of water. This makes what is called a one percent (1%) 'salty'-tasting as tears. (This solution, as sea-water, has been used as a substitute for IV blood when blood was unavailable. It is also very similar to human tears, and to the amniotic fluid we were bathed in before birth.

Plus it is sterile. No one can 'catch' anything from our bath, even if we don't wash the tub afterwards.

The crystal mineral salts I found at my health food store happened to have come from the distributor...

(Luckily, I bought the finest grind, because it is slow to melt. Dh put his in a little hot water, first, then added that to the bathtubful. The bigger rocks can be started in a pail on the morning of your bath.)

I also read an excellent article about it by Daisy4 in the Salt forum. Look in the R-rated posts.

I was chicken to try it, for three years. Don't wait that long, please. There is NOTHING to be shy of...the skin looks after us, if we start with a 1% solution.


One other thing that may help us wonderfully is a few Brazil nuts each day. (Although, on one day, I ate about 20, without stopping.)

Brazil nuts (selenium+, I believe) may have been what gave me the finest feeling of calm and well-being I have ever felt...BEFORE I did the full bath in crystal mineral salts.

My best,


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