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Day 4 Urine Fast - Seeking advice

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jerksforthesedentary Views: 2,406
Published: 15 years ago

Day 4 Urine Fast - Seeking advice

Greetings, everyone - anja, thank you for the phone advice - I ordered one, but it may not arrive till next week, you got me completely off my thing to finally do that - unfortunately, I probably overdrew my bank account though I got the cheapest - one good reason to keep fasting! Vegangod, how are you doing on day 8? If you need to start again, I need the company.

Report - I'm keeping a weblog here on CureZone, but I'll summarize. I've really effectively stopped "poops" per se - a lttle liquid with some pellets once a day isn't much if I'm evacuating decades of toxins. So - what's your advice? Should I just let there be nothing coming out, or should I force it out? As I said n the weblog, "forcers" don't really work for me if I am not eating fiber in my diet - teas, enemas, Oxypowder , clay and psyllium, salt water - one big disappointing nope. However, I always "go" quite impressively _after_ a fast when I start eating - I've of course never fasted as long as I'm planning to now, though.

Has anyone here done a urine fast? Or an extended water fast? What should I be looking out for if I need to put an emergency stop to it? I know about "real hunger", but what else would be a "sign to stop"? Rather than bravely persevere through to the presumed "other side" of a presumed "low" or crisis?

Sleeping through the night, with nightmares, dehydration, and semi-awake misgivings of alarm about doing this. Some ache in quadriceps. Co-ordination is decreased and it's getting tough to move aroud too much. Things I wanted to keep up whilst fasting I may have to just let go of doing. Tire very easily - not dizzy, but unsteady. Ready for another day of this, if I don't think about it too much, but very dehydrated. Must attend to this! I did drink enough water yesterday to be urinating several 8-oz. cups in a row, but that did not _hydrate_, it seems.

No urine miracles so far. Not much difference that I can tell from a water fast, so far. I massaged urine into my body and face for a little while yesterday, and felt better afterwards. Topical application on fresh cuts, scars, moles, face, so far ineffective. No sign of good results whatever - I guess it is very, very early still - I just started today the deeper fasting stage, and even that isn't the deepest - it won't be that for another 2 weeks or so.

I've lost a little "weight", but no fat to speak of. I don't rally wish to monitor that aspect too much, except to have an idea of how long I could go before hitting the end of my fat - so far, it seems as though I could go the whole 120 days without that happening (shucks - I was hoping I'd have to do a shorter fast), as I expect to lose about 1/4 pound a day on average.

Jump the train, anyone?


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