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Re: Has anybody experience curing MS with Urine Therapy?
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Has anybody experience curing MS with Urine Therapy?

Hi Xenia, this is the translation of the testimonio, I hope it helps you and other persons with MS:

My name is Margot Vives, I have fifty-nine years. I, or rather said, had Multiple Sclerosis.
The following story is my story if it serves someone suffering from this disease, or any other, because all diseases begin with the psyche and around it goes.

At seventeen years old I operated for appendicitis. As a result of anesthesia I began to yield to trigeminal neuralgia attacks. After the attacks of neuralgia stoped,I stayed prone to diseases, doctors do not explained and never found a real cause to my ills. Because I was always very agressive,people around me allowed me to do everything I wanted and within this context, entering a very poor diet, and the only thing I liked was chocolate, fried eggs and milk with bananas. All this happened in Chile.

I went to live in Germany, there began to thirty-four years with sensitive issues. I didn't feel the left big toe, in the course of several months that feeling was climbing up to the hip, when I showered, I burned with cold water and I didn't feel the hot water. The symptoms were multiplying, I did a hysterectomy and again began neuralgia attacks to the trigeminal, they lasted three months.
To shorten the story, I was sent to a clinic, thinking about everything, but without finding anything. They pinched from head to toe with electric needles, they removed liquid from the column and even they told me that they believed in a cancer of it, I was all weekend with cancer. Thank God, on Monday they clarified that I had nothing at all.
Very happy with such health, but still with many pains and problems, I went to my house. At the end of 1987 they proposed to send me to the pain clinic in Wiesbaden, which I refused, claiming that I did not want them to remove symptoms of something we did not know what it was about. I Never lost the hope that someone will find what I had.

In 1990 I returned to live in Chile. It was no longer needed to work, I devoted myself to learn tai chi, walking and bicycling. In 1992 I climbed a high hill in the village where I live. Then began my real problems, I had the biggest crisis I have had, I began to lose my left eye, and could hardly walk, balance failed me, I was really bad.
I took a course of Silva Mental Control, resumed tai chi, I still had no Internet, so I got books from USA and Germany about the MS. Oh, I forgot to say that finally in a clinic in Santiago they made me an MRI and with great pity they reported me Multiple Sclerosis. They found very rare that I would be happy, but at last! I knew what I had to fight against and as I said, I devoted myself to study this disease.
I got a diet, which I still doing, no meat, red or white, only fish, integral food, fruit, vegetables, legumes and plenty of water, as two litres per day. I started taking vitamins, specially vit. E, Lecitin of Soja started with the Urine Therapy.

At the end of 2000 I kept pretty well with all these natural therapies, mind control and tai chi, but unfortunately I had a family problem and I had a strong crisis, I was Interned in a clinic with a cortisone in the vein, and the oral remedies and others for pain. All these magnificent treatments got me an ulcer and eventually produced a hole in the bowel. I awakened every day saying, tomorrow I will be better, but I was not, being in my house, I ate less each day, at the end I just was feed with Astronaut food, and I could not stand up.
I light up temporarily and they led me to Santiago on time, I had only one liter of blood in the body. From the bleeding ulcer all blood left by a hole in the gut (caused by thinning of the same, because so many cortisone and medicines).
They cut several inches of intestine and finally I returned to my house. I decided to take the pan by the handle and sent all doctors to fry asparagus. I bought a tent and I went to Elqui Valley (a very esoteric There are special in Chile), I took my dog and I was living in touch with nature for a week, and there came my lucky dressed as a gentleman that went to ask me what i was doing alone and if Ihad no fear, I said no. He looked at me very surprised and said, but what are you doing around here? I explained that I had an illness and that I wanted to heal in touch with nature. He was laughed and told me : Here you are wasting your time, better go to the other side of the valley and visit the healer who lives there.
As I do not believe in coincidences but in the causalities, I took my tent and we went where the healer. Which would not be my surprise when I found out that he healed with bees. I let pinched 3 consecutive days and he told me to come back in ten days, and I claimed that I came from far and could not. I think about long time, and did not know what to do, and again came one of those coruscations of that intelligence to keep these cases and I decided to buy bees and learn to use them.

At first I left myself be guided by my instinct and I located points minced by the chakras, then I sealed on the Internet and had help from many good people. As you know, I devoted myself to click to other people and learned more since helping others one helps ourselves. I have played at all points unimaginable, but here I am in perfect health and no longer pinched since two months ago. But I remain with my diet, Urine Therapy, tai chi and I think I will continue pinched for blood circulation, of course I take royal jelly and propolis every day, use honey as a sweetener, not Sugar consumption.

I think I must add that my life is quiet, I don't do what I do not feel like doing, I'm in frank and personal development. I give tai chi classes, I still practicing apitherapy to people in need. All this keeps me busy and happy.

Me atrevo a decir que le gané a la Esclerosis Múltiple, una es dueña de su cuerpo, no la enfermedad. Nacimos perfectos, así nos hizo Dios, tenemos la obligación de mantenernos en este estado. Agradezco el haberlo comprendido a tiempo. Si alguna persona con EM quiere contactarme, mi mail es , tendré mucho gusto en contestar, pero por favor indicar en asunto MS, para que no borre el mail sin leerlo por si fueran virus. I dare say that I won the battle to the Multiple Sclerosis, one is owner of our own body, not the disease. We Born perfect, and God made us like this, so we have an obligation to keep us in this state. I am grateful for having understood it on time. If any person MS wants to contact me, my mail is, I will be happy to answer, but please indicate is MS case , so I do not delete the mail without reading it if they were a virus.


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