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Re: Sudden extreme pain, welts and bruising in calf (EDITED)
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Sudden extreme pain, welts and bruising in calf (EDITED)

If it were a charley horse, I'd think over a month's time it would have gone away. I do have problems with my muscles not releasing tension (probably due to my unexplained sleep disorder, not getting slow wave sleep which is when your muscles do their healing), so maybe it is due to the calf not relaxing enough. But I'm doubting it.

I really am thinking maybe parasite or a buildup of toxins that are getting stirred up because of some of the protocols I'm trying to follow. The fact I found the one big tapeworm (I think it was a tapeworm ... slightly bigger than spaghetti in width and shape with segments and bleached white) makes me wonder if there isn't something big in the leg. Maybe some of the other "welts" and bumps are nests. I have noticed some of those white pigmented spots on the other leg, just smaller and not much welting to them yet, but these also sometimes twitch or flutter. Since all this has started up, I've been feeling ravenous, though when I eat I've a very small appetite. That sure sounds parasitic to me.

The sea salt foot baths have really been refreshing. I do wonder if sucking the toxins toward the feet and out might not have irritated a critter in the calf as the toxins went through. Might have made it's home environment a little more toxic than even it prefers. I'm due one ... I missed mine on Friday due to having to cover an event for the newspaper, but I definitely think after I get the family fed tonight I'm going to get a foot soak.

And I did do an iodine bath after the event because the city hadn't cut the grass, so I was standing in knee high grass full of chiggers. I'd heard salt water is good for dealing with chiggers, and the old-timers used to carry around iodine for chiggers. I didn't have enough of the good salt on hand for a bath but did have enough iodine for a bath. I was already starting to itch right when I got home. I soaked until the water was too cool and the iodine had faded. It did the trick. I had no itching from the chiggers. I normally react very badly to chiggers, but after the iodine bath, not a twinge of chigger irritation. Made my calf twitch and tingle though, so the iodine affected whatever is bothering my leg, too.

I'm really curious to see how the MMS affects things. I'm hoping to go through the MMS and then when I'm at a good maintenance level go back to the Humaworm. RG should have caught up on everyone else's orders and gotten everything smoothly running by then. I'll be good and ready for him by then. It would be really interesting to see if the welts or bumps change position any as I add the MMS or continue my various protocols.

It's funny I can tell how well I'm doing on the various protocols by how my skin is doing. It gets dry and aged looking/feeling when I'm not dealing with the bad guys well, not eliminating the toxins or dead critters well enough. But when my body is eliminating the villains well, my skin gets baby soft and years younger. So even if I don't see results like an actual parasite, as long as I "see" results by having great skin I know I'm getting healthy because the skin is a fabulous window to general health.

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