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Re: Can anyone explain this apparent contradiction?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Can anyone explain this apparent contradiction?

Yes, there is also a homeopathic aspect to it!

But I personally suspect the greater benefit comes from the fact that it's just such a nourishing, revitalizing substance -- filled with all sorts of nutrients, hormones, minerals, vitamins, properly structured and filtered water, etc. ... all "custom tailored" specifically for you.

"I still find it odd to consider, that given so many people are loaded with chemicals and drugs, as many as seem to, could find benefits for UT."

Actually in most cases it's recommended NOT to do UT while on drugs of any kind, for what should be obvious reasons (the drugs are toxic enough as is ... recycling them ON TOP of the usual dosage that continues to be introduced to the body just seems like a "bad thing" to me). I've read some info about slowly "weening" yourself onto UT and off of drugs, though ... meaning, start by taking only small amounts of urine, and work on slowly diminishing the levels of drug intake. As you lessen the drugs, increase the urine...

Nevertheless, even while on drugs/medications, I think UT can still be beneficial in some internal cases, and in most external applications (hair, skin, cuts, burns, etc.)

"At what seems like the other end of the spectrum -from the average SAD-eating person- the more pure Indian practises of UT immediately make a lot of sense. They seem to be combining UT with very blanced ways of eating, thinking, being."

Yes, as I said it seems to go hand in hand with many other lifestyle choices as well. To me it makes a lot of sense in a "self-preservation, conservation, recycling" kind of way. Keeping yourself "collected" instead of throwing yourself "out" -- becoming more self-integrated and crystallized. My reasons for getting into UT are not to cure any disease or medical ailment... it just seems to resonate with where I'm at. It makes sense, it "feels" right. It just clicks!

I'm also noticing that it seems to be a great "after analysis" for foods you've eaten, to tell whether that food was really good for you or not. For example, I ate some pizza (from a well known commercial delivery place) the other day. It already "feels" bad to begin with, but my urine later in the day was a very clear indication of the "badness" of the pizza. It wasn't so much taste (although it was more bitter and salty), but more of a feeling to it. I think it was more acidic on a PH level or something... I don't really know what it was, but something just didn't "feel" correct about it.

It just seems like it "unmasks" foods and lets you see them for what they REALLY are, underneath all the fake tastes and everything added to stimulate and confuse the tongue.

Enough rambling ... I hope you really look into UT as a whole and maybe one day take the plunge and realize its many benefits, and just how "right" it feels. :)


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