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Published: 11 years ago
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Thanks shorty,
and you are right about Catlin.
She is a phsyc. nurse so she deals with these types, but if she feels ostracized, put down, not wanted- she can resort to a verbal offensive upon the person responsible, thereby using her superior spelling ability to get get even, she's dangerous!
She get's paid well for what she does, as do you, mike, 47561 and silverfox and me!
We get paid with respect from our peer's,
knowing we are non profit, we got the $1.00 book/bottle idea from previous scams by the Legendary Jim Humble
the $1.00 we get for every bottle of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement we take back (he he, our scam is working so well, we get a $1.00 for $0.09c of product in a green plastic bottle, but hell, wish we could make what Humble does, we do, we make our own Miracle-Mineral-Supplement that looks just like all the other dodgey ones!)
But she is fighting a winning battle against supporters of people who put an industrial chemical up their bottom!
No I'm not accusing them of chemical sniffing, what concerns me is they do it so often there could be another motive to it, they say it's a gas to do though!
Could be so their sh,t don't stink, I'd hate to think of what happens in their life if they regularly get infections there.. Could be they got mixed up with with disinfecting the toilet seat with toilet sitter! Couldn't be that they have bad breath as they ingest-swallow the same strength as the ClO2 mouthwash but activated it making it 100's of times stronger.
Anyway only they know why they like it and do it!
I have to be careful shorty, jonSher has put me on notice,
so I will only remind him of what the Webmaster said to me!

"Really, you are free to think that everyone you debate with is a total idiot, total m*o*o*n, 100% stupid, ignorant, etc ... but you are not allowed to share that kind of thoughts on CureZone."

I wonder if jonSher can read minds, mine!

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