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Re: Sea-Odine
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Sea-Odine

I found some info that will answer the majority of the questions. Please note that I am just reporting that I believe this product is safer and that I am having good results. My reasoning behind my opinion of Luguls can be found in the Iodine book barefoot wrote which is a very quick read and I also think barefoots Iodine has merit, but I always keep an open mind with new products. We are all searching for ways to improve our health and I believe seaodine should be a contender when people are checking out what's available.

Iodine is a non-metallic halogenic element No.53 on the Periodic Table. Ocean Kelp has the highest concentration. Binders & Inhibitors Include Flouride, Flourine, Chlorine, Mercury, Methylmercury & High Fat Diets. It is used by every hormone in the body. Primary uptake is in the Thyroid, then preferentially distributed to receptors throughout the whole body including breast, stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, nerves, brain and every molecule including DNA. For facinating Biochemistry, History & Uses in Medicine we recommend reading "Breast Cancer & Iodine " by Endrinologist Dr.David Derry, M.D. It shows the direct causal effect between lack of tissue iodine, thyroxin, and the development or metastasis of ANY kind of Cancer or Fibroids.

DEFINITION OF ATOMIC / DETOXIFIED IODINE / "NASCENT" (technically no one has actually measured "Nascent" is an old descriiptive term for what we call the "Active" form.
Atomic or Detoxified Activated iodine is when has the natural diatomic covalent iodine bond is broken to release free iodine which carries one electron on each molecule. It is the most bioavailable & non-toxic form since it's already activated through electromagnetic charging. The electric charging is what breaks the double bond and "detoxifies" it. Historically "Detoxified Iodine" referred to the less expensive weaker method from reading 358-2, generally sold as 1%. Once it contacts water, it starts losing it's charge and reverts back to its original diatomic state in 2-3 hours according to Schieffelin Pharmaceuticals papers from the early 1940s.

The body turns Iodide into iodine and visa versa as a result of oxidation / redux in the stomach. Stronger iodine solutions like Lugols or pills like Ioderol (a tableted lugol's) require much higher doses and the presence of potassium for the body break it apart and produce any nacent iodine. The high doses required can become toxic. The oxidized active free form (nascent / atomic) is more active and biologically available at weaker strengths and lower doses, eliminating the drawbacks of other forms of molecular iodine. Many individuals who are told they're "allergic" to iodine can tolerate active iodine just fine . The Active form is much more active despite its weaker strength.

Edgar Cayce was a big proponent of iodine in his readings in the early 20th Century, but in its molecular form (potassium iodide/iodine) it is highly toxic. His many attempts to "detoxify" it met with failure until he met Indian Chemical Engineer Sukhar Bisey in 1931, who had cured himself in India of Malaria with an old iodine herbal black syrup popular amongst Indian Shamans.
Here's a Timeline to help clarify things --
1. 1910 & earlier, East Indian Shamans used an Herbal Iodine syrup for fevers & malaria in India, which cured Dr.Sunker Bisey's malaria.
2. Dr.Bisey's started manufacturing iodine in India called "Beslin" Circa 1913 prior to meeting Edgar Cayce
3. Dr.Bisey Immigrated to the US 1917 & started Beslin Corp. in 1926 in the US. He meets Edgar Cayce in 1931 and goes for several readings & advice.
4. Dr.Bisey forms Atomidine Company 1932 after taking Cayce's term "atomic iodine" and creating a brand from it using sodium chloride base instead of
alcohol, which was NOT the instructions Cayce gave.
5. Dr.Bisey tried Cayce's recommendation for Electrified Atomidine in alcohol & succeeded but never marketed it.
6. Dr. Bisey died in 1935 & the Atomidine Co. was bought in 1948 by Schieffelin Co. who eventually sold it to Bisey's son-in-law who made Atomidine
until 1974 when he sold it to The Heritage Store which makes the clear iodine trichloride from Bisey, NOT Cayce, who would never use chlorine since
he knew it was poision.

TWO DIFFERENT CAYCE MANUFACTURING METHODS & FORMULATIONS (Neither method uses Iodide but various forms of Iodine)
Edgar Cayce gave 2 separate readings for Dr. Bisey and gave him directions with 2 different manufacturing methods.

Reading# 358-1 This method produces the STRONGER MOST ACTIVE Atomic State with both Molecular and Monoatomic, using a strong electromagnetic field and longer exposure times to break the diatomic bonds and stabilize it after cooling and yields smaller amounts of finished product.per batch but is more active than the plain detoxified. The end product has almost 100%+ atomic / nascent iodine. It is made in 1%, 2%, up to 7%. Heat is generated from the electification process which can damage the product and product noxious byproducts. Our lab uses high precision pharmaceutical lab equipment to tightly control the temperature and it never gets over 98 degrees farenheight. It is made with a much slower method and closely monitored over days to produce the highest quality product with the greatest % of Free Active Iodine (No Iodide present.)

Reading #358-2 This method produces the WEAKER LESS ACTIVE "Detoxified" Iodine w /added energy but the % of nascent iodine is much less. It was borne out of Cayce's frustration from Bisey's complaints that the 358-1 took too much time $ money, and profit margins too small. This method is much faster and cheaper, using weak electromagnetic fields and much shorter exposure times with no heat build up. It produces a product which is about 1/3 the strength. The products out there are generally 1% "iodine" but the nascent or free % varys depending on quality control. Both products have their uses and either one is better than traditional molecular iodine products. Dosing with the 358-2 version requires at least 2-3 times that of the 358-1 formula to achieve similar results.

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