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Re: Thanks to all for your support and suggestions - you're awesome!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Thanks to all for your support and suggestions - you're awesome!

Couldn't help but have empathy for you on this. It wasn't long after starting that things starting going nuts. Wild dreams. At times ultra moody. Like Mary Carillo-type aggravated, tho she is not getting to me. It was the terrible interviewer of the women's team gymnastics after they won silver that made me want to come through the TV and strangle her.

Anyhoo, my joints hurt like hell. Couldn't sleep. Slept too much. Couldn't focus. Then focused, read: fixated on things. Heart raced, slowed. Feet froze. Sweated at night when it was -10. Go figure. Peed all night. Stool had a definite metallic aroma. Now THAT freaked me out. This and many other things were just flat wild. I was going stark raving crazy.

I am so thankful for the crew here as I read and asked questions. Began to find ways to manage what I learned was detoxing. Some things not mentioned yet here but were critical in helping calm things down were Vitamin C (thankx trapper), coconut oil/butter (thankx wombat), salt pushes (thankx Iodine thread world). MSM too. I was feeling a tad hinky today and took a teaspoon of coconut butter and within minutes was right as rain. Listened to everything people and my body were saying, and now can say that I know I continue to detox, but I feel... good. And I *never* thought I would be able to say that again. I recall as a kid not being able to concentrate in school. Brain fog extradionaire, fatigue issues. Poster child for ADD and thank god that was not a diagnosis available back then as god knows what modern Science might have tried to foist on me as a kid. Sooooooooooo glad I missed that and just bumped along into adulthood. I managed to have a career as a ballet dancer, but I look back and think if I'd not had to compete with what is obvious... maintaining a toxin farm in my body. Skin is much smoother. Age spots are disappearing. Skin tags continue to dissolve. Joints do not hurt. Eye sight has gone from excellent to, really excellent. I am SO glad I hung in there with iodine. In large part due to reading other people's perseverence and what they were experiencing on "the other side".

The bigger news is my wife is a liver transplant recipient. The benefits to her are slower to arrive, but they are indeed, happening. That means more to me than anything. My 79 year old mother and sister have experienced benefit. Trying to get my pop to hang with the rest of us.

I am so grateful for the group here. As mentioned, I never thought I would feel reasonably ok again. Now when I get moody and want to bite someone's head off, I know I am in control of the feeling and can REALLY mean it which is scary for the target of whatever I am feeling. Which is good, and reasonably in control. And those attacks of dark chocolate are evil...... and taste so much better for both of us. Someone, wombat I think, mentioned drinking some wine and having the body work to expel the bad stuff, via a zit. Yup, at my age, I break out, and I have a real sense that when the body wants or needs to expel something, it really gets after it now. My wife, who has had years of high level pain but after too many joint replacements, and pain meds, has been saying she is feeling more aline, more sensitive, but in a controlled and sensible way, than she has in eons. Awsome.

Hope you hang in there. Of all the things I've done to try and just feel decent,
the Iodine regime has been a godsend. When it gets better, it is really cool. Especially when you know you continue to detox.

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