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Re: Need advice for my brother with Stage IV Stomach Cancer
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Need advice for my brother with Stage IV Stomach Cancer

Hi! Just read your post and I wanted to tell you about my dad. My dad is 65 years old and was dx in January with stage 4 stomach cancer to the liver. They pretty much gave him no hope with about 9 to 12 months to live. After he was dx I spent hours and hours researching on the internet and came to the conclusion that chemo was not the way to go. My dad is old school and totally believed every word the doctors were telling him. They wanted him to do a study telling him that if he did the study they were hopeing to get out at least 75% of the cancer.(word is that every doctor that gets a patient to do a sudy gets about 8000 dollars)Anyway,even though I couldnt talk him out of doing chemo, I did get him to try apricot seeds and b17 while doing the chemo.The only problem was that you cant do a study if you are also doing an alternative treatment.So he told the doctor he was not going to do the study and boy was he mad.The doctor told him that he was being foolish and b17 is for quacks.Surprisingly,my dad stuck to his guns though.He had his first treatment at the end of January.They told him that there really was no good chemo drugs for stomach cancer so they were going to experiment with chemo drugs for colon cancer. That same week he started chemo he also started taking apricot seeds,b17 and goji juice.Within a week he built up to 20 apricot seeds a day and 3 500mg tablets of b17 and 2 tbs of goji juice.He also eats pineapple every morning. There is an enyzme in the pineapple that you should take with the b17. So he had 3 treatments all 3 weeks apart and then had a ct scan done.The scan showed that the cancer was 50% gone.That same weeks my dad had a appointment with his kidney doctor. The kidney doctor told him that his kidney function is the best its ever been in the 13 years he has had diabetes.My dad asked him about the b17 and he punched it up on the computer.He did remember that it was really called latrile and it was from the 70's but didnt know to much else.He told my dad that he would look more into it for him.The following week he goes to see his primary care doctor.He brought his ct scan results to show him.(at this point my dad was doing really good and really feeling positive that it was 50% gone)So this jerk of a doctor tells my dad that the scan is good but not to get to excited because the kind of cancer he has it isnt going to get much better then that. Of course that brought my dad way down. I was so mad I wanted to go kick that doctors butt myself.He did seem better after I gave him a little pep talk.So,another week later my sister who also has diabetes goes to see the kidney doctor. They have the same doctor. She told me that they got in a huge fight and that the doctor said that b17 is cyanide and blah blah blah(we figured he looked into the b17.)He told her that he was doing good but he has a long way to go.So 2 more treatments later both 3 weeks apart the ct scan shows the cancer is totally gone.The doctor could not believe it. Sent him to do a scope because he couldnt believe it. My mom said that after the scope the gastronoligist was totally amazed that there was nothing there. It was the same doctor that did the scope and biopsy back in january when he was first dx.The following week my dad went back to see the cancer doctor. He couldnt believe the results. My mom asked him if the results were typical and he said to tell you the truth no they are not.That was about 11 weeks ago and the last scan on monday showed still no cancer. My dad goes back in another 5 weeks just for blood work. As long as he feels okay they wont do another scan that time.(I so want to go see my dads primary doctor and show him the last scan results.)He went back to see the kidney doctor about 2 weeks ago.(I was really worried because I was afraid after what happened with my sister he would try to talk him out of taking the b17.) He did ask my dad if he was still taking it but only said whatever you are doing is working so keep doing it.So thats the story. He continues to take the apricot seeds,b17,goji juice and pineapple everyday. I think he is to afraid to stop.

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