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Welcome to my forum
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Published: 16 years ago

Welcome to my forum


I am Vanja and I am new on CureZone. But, I am not new to healing and incurable illness.

I think I will introduce myself through my personal story.
It happened 22 years ago and gave a very special meaning to the rest of my life.

I stood motionless and astonished at my face in the mirror. Under less than twenty-four hours, my face had distorted, my lymph glands had swelled, while my body was shaking with fever. I was so exhausted that I even could not hold a spoon in my hand.

My face was covered with numerous zits which kept growing the next two days. They turned my face into an open wound. I could hardly recognize myself in the mirror; only my eyes were still me. My heart was filled with horror. I was desperate.

Great fear made me begin seeing doctors, and they prescribed nothing else but-antibiotics.

I felt miserable, knowing that antibiotics are not the solution.

Let’s start from the beginning.

In 1987, I was a twenty-year old regular University student and an unfortunate antibiotics addict.

For two years, I had been constantly taking antibiotics prescribed by my dermatologist.
My wish to solve the problem with acne on my face drew me into the addiction-system, although my acne was not big or horrible at all.

Being a perfectionist, even a 2 zits were a menace to me.

At first, antibiotic therapy worked for me, but when I tried giving up antibiotics, my face got covered with zits in no time. I was forced to continue taking antibiotics constantly, if I wanted to have my face back.

I was terrified with the very thought of acne, so I used the same therapy regularly within two years. Unfortunately, results were addiction.

At the same time, I noticed a lot of changes in my body and my behavior. I experienced nervousness, depression, and insomnia – I could not fall asleep without sleeping pills. I also had vaginal secretion problem, heart arrhythmia, and, worst of all, an orange – size ovarian cyst doctors intended to operate on.

As a twenty-year old girl, I was not at all happy with the idea of having a surgery, considering the possible side effects: ovarian damage, sterility, etc.
That horrified me.

I was wondering how to help myself without doctors.

I knew I had to find some other way. The other way was called ‘Macrobiotics'.

At the beginning of 1987, I started the diet from the book The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi.

It was very difficult to do without the proper food and right knowledge. At the time there were only two health food stores in the area with a poor supplies of macrobiotic products. That was rather discouraging and made my efforts to take such food useless.

It was God’s will that my parents, while reading the newspaper noticed an ad about a seminar on Macrobiotics due to be held in the fall of 1988.

That’s when a true miracle happened.

We had a great time, learned a lot about Eastern philosophy, Yin and Yang, Shiatsu massage, holistic healing, qi-gong, ... universal truths etc.

After the seminar, I made a decision:
“From now on, I will eat only macrobiotic food.”

I did not know what one meal would be like or what taste it would have; I even did not know the meaning of the world “macrobiotics.”

Nobody but me could eat the food I made. It was tasteless; I did not add any spices to my diet. H

owever, I knew I was doing the right thing, and I was determined to go on.

I definitely gave up on antibiotics and decided strongly not to go back to them, no matter how bad my face might be.

I started this experiment without knowing how the process would influence my body, without having the necessary food ingredients, and without natural drugs.

“It will take seven days to solve problems with your face,” says M. Kushi in his book The Cancer Prevention Diet.

The problems with my face just started after the period of seven days.
My body started cleansing itself through the skin.
Intense and unpleasant perspiration accompanied with dark urine and frequent fevers.

And – acne appeared again.

All those could be expected after two years of 'intoxication with antibiotics' together with lots of cakes, honey, and fruit, but very little meat and salty food.

All the problems I had were usual reactions from body cleansing.

I realized that later.

Despite this, I did not give up my new diet, nor did I give up on the holistic chi gong exercises.

A attended many seminars.

I learned: Macrobiotic cooking, Shiatsu massage, Oriental face and body diagnoses, Feng-shui, Aromatherapy, Do-In, Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi etc.

Many wonderful seminars were organized for us until we ourselves started organizing similar ones. We learned from: Michio Kushi, Dany Waxman, Shizuko Yamamoto, Bill Spear, Patrick McCarty, Steven Accuff, Lino Stanchic, Noboru Muramoto, Catriona Forest, Flavio Santim Zanatta, Zlatko Pejic, Jadranka Boban, Dragan Vukovic.

My path to obtaining knowledge went from seminars and books, through group experience up to personal insight into the experience of holistic healing.

The purer I was, the purer information I got. Knowledge about the essence of life spread in front of myself and my family.

That 'clean road' has led and taught me ever since. My awareness is still broadening.

Let's go back to the Vanja from the beginning of the story.

During the first year my health got worse, although I strictly followed a macrobiotic diet and living regime.

It meant no food I haven't made myself:

No sugar . No cakes . No chocolates . No ice-creams .
No flour products . No bread .
No food additives . No preservatives .
No honey . No Aspartame .
No industrially processed foods .
No meat .
No eggs .
No milk products . No butter . No margarine . No hydrogenated oils .
No fried foods .
No dietarry supplements .

I ate: vegetables, whole grains, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, nut butters, cold pressed oils, seaweed, fish and fermented soy products.

In June 1989, I suddenly got a fever.

The lymph glands on my neck were swollen while my face was covered with ulcers.

I could hardly move, and I became so weak that I was not able to even hold a spoon.

Nobody could tell me what was happening to me. Within a week, my face became an ulcerous wound. My parents were frightened and took me to the doctor.

My blood analysis was good, except for a slightly higher number of leucocytes indicating some inflammation. A dermatologist stated: Acne vulgaris and prescribed a high dose of penicillyn within ten days.

Again, I entered into a cycle of antibiotics which had already been of no help to me – the ulcers had only got encapsulated under the skin surface.

90% of my face was a festering wound with pus and blood itching unbearably, and I did not dare scratch that open wound.

God helped me learn about green clay (bentonite); I started applying green clay masques which made the itching and inflammation less intensive and removed impurity out of the skin.

I began wondering if the way I took was the right or wrong one.

The only thought that calmed me down was:

“This was the way of nutrition through centuries. How could these natural whole grains and vegetable do any harm to my body?”

That very summer, I participated in the seminars held by M. Kushio, Shizuko Yamamoto and Patrick MaCarty from USA.

All of them told me to be persistent, strict, and not to lose hope.

Had it not been for all those wonderful people who accepted me as if nothing had happened to my face, it would have been hard to say how long the healing would last and how difficult it would be.

I finally felt strong enough to show my deformed face unbandaged to other people and even to myself. Then, my recovery occurred quickly.

Being unaware of my horrifying face, I took a vacation, one camping place at the seaside.
The owner of the camp decided that I am unwelcomed guest, because I frightened other guests.

At that moment, my determination weakened, and I got depressed.

Fortunately, something happened and helped me regain faith in life: I met Deronja Nane, a woman from Gruda, Konavle, local herbalist.

The very moment we met, she told me: “Don't be sad. The skin on your face will be beautiful again. This is your liver cleansing from antibiotics. If you hadn't used the antibiotics when the cleansing process started, no scar would have been on your face.”

She gave me her special salve made of herbs and olive oil, and she carressed my head.
I could never forget her clear and mild blue eyes. Since then, the ruined skin on my face (nine layers of epithelium were missing) began healing fast.
Food, exercises, and a positive mental attitude revived me; I felt God's hand taking me firmly.

I started going to church.
At first, I felt shy and uncertain as I did not have any knowledge of church canons. Soon, I achieved peace and strength. I did not know any prayer except the one that was a cry for help; it came deep from my heart. Another one was my gratitude to God for sending me the right people and the right medicine at the hardest moment of my life.

In the next few months, my skin regenerated, while my strength came back.

I had a feeling I could move a mountain.

Then, with the help of my family and friends, I got the idea to found an association to help people with similar problems. Our aim was to bring experts in various fields of alternative medicine and let them hold seminars and lectures.

Since 1989, thousands of people have attended lectures and seminars in diet, nutrition, cooking, yin-yang, shiatsu, yumeiho, qi-gong, tai-chi etc.

From 1990 I was the editor and the author of the microbiotics page in the national magazine 'Practical Woman'.

Summer 1992 I joined the microbiotics center 'Steven and Carren Accuff' in Sweden together with my husband, a student of The Kushi Institute in London. During our stay in Sweden, we met a great miso-making expert, Tim Ohlund who taught us traditional recipes for making miso, umeboshi plums, rice malt, vinegar, tamari, shoy…

1996 my husband and I patented 'IMOPLEX' – a body cleanser and strengthener, a product of our joint knowledge and experience in healing by food, herbs and energy.

We exihibited IMOPLEX, organic product on on following fair trade worldwide BIOFAH, Germany, SANAVITA, Italy, NATURAL PRODUCT,Great Britain.

In 2000 I wrote a book ABSOLUTE HEALTH after a twelve years of experience in the healing power of food, exercise, and prayer.

From today I will try to make this forum intresting place for everyone who have a health related question.

Answers to many questions are also available in my book „ABSOLUTE HEALTH“, but in this forum I will answer some more specific questions that you may have.
When we are ill we may feel alone in our pain & confusion, but odds are, the same thing happened to many other people before us.
When we are open to talk about our problems, we are also open to share what works for us ...
We can heal ourself throught by learning from stories of other people who already cured themself.

"Ask and Thou Shall Receive"

Vanja - Vladimirka Randjelovic


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