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An email from Sudarshan Dheer about Urine Therapy
Claudio Acuña Views: 3,562
Published: 17 years ago

An email from Sudarshan Dheer about Urine Therapy

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:57:30 +0530
From: "Sudarshan Dheer"
Subject: Urine Therapy
To: "Claudio Acuna"

Dear Claudio,

Received your Email.
Before even you start Urine Therapy let us understand the process of
Urine how it effects
our life. Composition of your urine depends mainly on your diet and
state of mind.
And never under estimate the potential and power of your own mind.
When the mind is healthy,
vital and vigorous than the body with its own intelligence will
function fully in tune with body naturally.
So, let us begin with the mind and not with the body alone.

We all know that the state of mind effects the nerve-endocrine
balance. When we are angry
or envious we secrete more adrenal hormones and thus more adrenaline
is secreted in urine.
Same way if we are excited we secrete more thyroid hormones in urine.
It is now an established
fact that the mind is the most influential factor in our lives. 90%
influencing factor on any
disease is the state of mind. The mind effects the body and alters
the constituents of urine.
The product of our mind is the constant activity of thought and the
thought process which
controls our day to day life. Whether we are calm anxious, neurotic
or psychotic all the various
states of the consciousness effect the body and the consequential
substances secreted in the urine.

The mind is constant chattering of thoughts and that is nature of the
mind, they are there
like waves in the ocean. You can not control or suppress them.Thought
brings in various forms
of conflicts, compulsions and complications and so on. We have got to
tame the process of
thought rather than getting rid of it which the human mind has not
been able to do for centuries.

Your main objective or a goal should be, to make your mind quite and
silent. Once you do that through meditation everything else in the
body will return to normal and natural. From the day you start
and creating an attitude of LET IT BE everything will become
miraculously normal. That will be the
moment of BLISS for you, moment of FREEDOM for you.

You yourself have the ability to heal with Urine Therapy.
Since urine therapy is the holistic alternative method of healing.

Please go through our web site:

Try to avoid Allopathy medicine while doing Urine Therapy.

The first urine of the day is the best.
Sleep early, so that you are able to get up by at 5 in the morning.
Just rinse
your mouth without even brushing your teeth. Drink this first urine
complete quantity.
And drink it not as medicine but an elixir of life with spiritual
frame of mind. After drinking
the first urine sit for meditation at least half an hour. One must
learn the technique
of meditation. Just be aware of your breath. Watch, how you inhale
and exhale. Or simply watch
your thoughts. As if you are just witnessing them. Whole purpose is
to give relaxation to the
body and mind in order to put both on to the path of natural healing
process. After at least
half an hour of meditation, drink about two to three glasses of water
and you may
feel the need to go to toilet. Once you have cleared your stomach you
may have a cup of tea
and start your daily routine. You may again drink the complete
quantity of urine after one hour of
every main meal. Besides this you may drink whenever you pass urine
during the day.
As the need you may feel.

Please keep me informed about the progress of your health .
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love & Light,

Sudarshan Dheer


Claudio Acuña


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