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Re: I Need Help With Angular Cheilitis
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: I Need Help With Angular Cheilitis

Poor kid.. The whitish cuts seems familiar with the ones I had when it was worst..
How does his tongue look? Mine was very furry and kinda white, bit swollen, and you could see teethmarks on the edges.
Was at a new doctor 2 days ago, got some pills called clotrimazole, you suck on them. It was against the furry tongue, he said it seemed like monoliasis, some sort of fungal overgrowth. Apperently because of the Antibiotic I was given to treat a infection. He also told me to take vitamins. Im keeping of Sugar of anykind, since it might give nutrition for more of this fungus. Only eating a chicken soup I made with lots of underground growing veggies. And salat.

DO NOT USE HYDROCORTISON! If you use, dont use on open cuts, I used it a lot, and it can ruin the skin. And he can end up with permanent miscoloration of the area.

So far what has worked best for me is the soap, I stopped using the palmolive, think I overused it, and my skin seemed to get irritated. my chin dried out and got red also, took 2 days to recover from this.. Now I swapped to some natural soap, afterwards I use some jock itch cream, which contains myconazole + I smear a litte Neosporin to kill any bacteria that might possible have made their way, might be overkill in my case, since the wounds has closed long ago.. Then I put some pure vaseline on. I do this for like after every meal. So far it has reduced the redness that seemed like that it was to stay.

Again, take a look at his tongue and describe it please.

Im gonna go to a chinese traditional doctor to get advice from him. I will share what he tells. I showed him my tongue last time and asked him if it was Candida,
he said it looked like it, but he send me to the doctor first. The doctor also took some blood samples, and I will get answers on wednesday.

I read about gentian violet also to treat this tongue issue, to kill the fungus. A pharmacist recommended it, but the doctor I went to afterwards ridiculed it. But I did a bit research and seems like it is highly effective against fungus. After I have been to the doctors, I might try it out.

I will keep you updated on the results and on what the doctors have to say. I suffered under this a long time, and want to finaly get rid of it. And I feel with everyone who has it. It is so bad, even when I speak with people I try and examine there mouth corners subtly, so far I have not seen any others with it. And if I see I will ask them about it. Im shocked how doctors treats this! I have been to so many doctors now!

Btw, I have ordered something called Cicaplast, manufactured by La Roche-posay. When I have cured the fungus, if it is fungus. I will try this to heal what ever marks the disease has left. It seems like the best product against damaged skin. Found it because I was searching for hydrocortison damage on german google. The many years suffering from this, has ruined my skin around my mouth, I just want normal lips again.. :,-(


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