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Results of the Radio show, by MH

New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 14 years ago

Results of the Radio show, by MH

TWO things

1. People who listned want to know where they can find the russian zappers.

2. The others want the No Crash product/kit.................

NO ONE e-mailed saying wow, I want to cleanse/clean up, deworm, get a distiller, remove my bad dental work...........NO, they wnat the "quick" fix.

This is why the false websites out there and the health food stores/vitamin industry makes BILLIONS of $$$$$ from the average customer of this world.

I phased out the No Crash kit for the simple fact that the few that did try it, didn't order it again, because if it had sold on a regular basis I would have kept making it. People are not going to go to that much effort for their food supply and they can't handle their friends/family mocking them for drinking such a food.

I phased out the russian zappers for the sam reason! People didn't reorder, most were too scared and let their zapper set on their shelf until the expiration date passed and then wanted to send it back for a refund. Otherwise I had the best possible connection in the world; a factory worker who made the things sent them direct to us.

I gave up the TWO BEST products because both takes effort from the customer and 98% of all humans on this planet are too scared to swallow the zapper 3x in a row or will clean and reuse them nd refuse to pay for 3, etc.....and they will not follow up by swallowing one every 6 months as a tune up.

95% of the customers will never make the second batch of the No Crash, because it takes a little time and it removes them from their 3 meals per day and all their snacks, coffee, pop, etc........................


I tried and the people were not ready and odds are there never would be enough with interest to make it worth while. I know I have no intentions of doing it again anytime soon. I left the Longevity web page on the website to show as an example of the "BEST" herbal method to consume your daily herbs/food/lecithin, etc...all in one great tasteing live drink that can't help but make you healthier on a daily basis the NO CRASH or NO PAIN WAY!

NO, people do not desire such things, THEY desire what these authors lead them to deworming is still a hot item and the few that take the time to look up the past history of Dr. John R. Christopher makes it so some will try the LBB product and ONLY because Davod Christopher still makes his living off of printing his dad's old books does this exist, otherwise you would have a terriable time getting anyone to try the LBB product.

A simple fact:
What we make for a batch of the LBB for a years time, is extremely little, less than 500 bottles and most of these 500 bottles are sold over and over to the same customers. The other capsule products that we make based on Dr. Christopher maybe 30-60 bottles per year and we make less than 30% of the capsule products he use to sell and all of his formulas had a purpose and were all great. These products will not sell, because Dr. Christopher is dead and not out there producing the latest book and people want what the latest books are pushing and these worthless authors KNOWS these customers only want the gimmicks, the quick fixes that never work.

THEY WANT Hulda Clark to say on the radio:

"we have a 100% cure for cancer"

The liars lead the customers around like a dog on a leash as they relieve them of their hard earned $$$. People have accepted that as a fact of life and have no problems with it.

While the Barefoot customers may number less than 108 world wide, the ones that stand out, are the ones that read/believed/applied and then started teaching those they love to do the same.

We have 108 orders per month a large percentage of these are from past customers and a few each month because they stumbled upon this forum, or they heard Doc Sutterm or they heard the radio man or they were told by a past customer to give it a try, but most of the new orders are by people who really only want a quick fix and hav no clue what they are doing and will most likely never even takethe product and certainly never reorder again. BUT, a few will learn and those few made this forum possible because otherwise I would not waste my time.

The commercial companies do not give a #### if you ever reorder. They know they lied about their products and when the masses have tried them and sales slow down, they come out with a differant colored bottle with all new lies and do it all over again.

1.Those that refuse to read Book I should ignore this forum.
2.Those that don't believe what the author of BOOK I says, should ignore this forum.
3.Those that refuse to kill their worms and refuse to do a orange juice fast once a year, should just avoid this forum.

This is why so many will try the dewormer 1 time, the LBB 1 time and a few will continue with the LBB for a lifetime because they "know" they should change diet/habit and won't, so they use the LBB as their crutch. That has made the LBB product the longest/oldest herbal formula to survive over the past 100 years.

Products will come and go, but the LBB will stand as number 1 for as long as herbal products are sold.

I appreaciate all those that try one time, it does make it practicaly to continue making herbal products and the ones that read/apply are the ones that created the foundation of this forum/website.

The power of books/radio/websites is that you can makeany product you desire and if your willing to lie about it, you can sell X amount of those products everytime and many such people make their living doing this very thing. Their products are worthless if not harmful and they can care less, because when they get people to buy them, it makes them lie all the more as their greed drives them.

BOOK I removes allot of false education. EVERY NURSE/MD on ther planet should read it, it was written by one of their best Medical surgeons this earth has ever known and he learned to put down his knife, down the drugs and turned to the orange as his cure for all diseases known and learned to obey God's laws for foods and after his death, Yale/Harvard/Rockerfeller did a 3 way study and all agreed, YES, it was the cure for all, because the patients increased their red blood cell count 5x proving their body was repairing the damage.

While medical today uses toxic substances or so many differance sources that harms the red blood cell count. Dr. Hulda Clark admitted, she never was able to raise the pH or the red blood cell count and thus she "knows" she never had a cure ever. No human does have a cure! ONLY the human body does the cure and the results are raised pH and higher red blood cell is that simple!

No one is going to cheat or improve upon Nature!


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