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Re: I Need Help With Angular Cheilitis
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: I Need Help With Angular Cheilitis

Okay here we go then, eventhough it will not be as detailed as I hoped.

It all started when I was 18 I think. That is almost 6 years now! I used to work out a lot, and ate a lot also. Took supplements like protein powder and weight gainer. My lips started to crack, the corner of the mouth as you all know. Went to a doctor over there. And he said it was just my a severe case of chapped lips. Spoke with the pharmacist about it, she said, it was because of citric acid s. Like everything that contains high doses of c vitamin. I believed her, and stayed of C- vitamins for like 2 years! It got better, it got worse.

At this time I was also treated for sinus congestion I think it is called. My nose was very irritated, and I used to bleed very often. He "burnt" inside my nostrils with some chemical, have not bleeded since then.

It was not that easthetic bad at that time. So I just treated it with some dexpanthenol (what it is called in europe). It healed but did not go away really. I then moved to an other country in Europe. And it got really bad, when I had a depression. I did not work out at that time anymore, was barely eating anything. And smoking heavily. That is when it got the worst as it ever was. I did not have the energy or motivation to treat it. And it ruined the remaining social life I had, did not want eye contact or people getting to close to my face. I started reading a bit about it on the internet.

That is when I concluded myself it must be vitamin deffiency. Nothing to do with the citric acid thing the pharmecist told me. I went to a doctor, spoke with him about it. He seemed sincere to help, I told him what I have read on the net. He said it might be, but a blood sample would show. As chicken I was I said, I rather try it. If it works I wont need to give blood. So I bought vitamins. And they helped a little.. For a while.. This was also a 2 year period.

I moved to a other city again (yeah, I move alot). I starting workin out again. Quit smoking, used cortisone cream, and any other cream I thought might help. My lips was never that dry. But did try labello and all that other stuff. Blistex, worked the best of all these as far as I recall.

Went to a doctor again in this city. She said the same. bit differnt though, that because my mouth had this slightly angled down corners, the saliva collects their and makes the skin irritated and soft. Just have to keep it protected with some good lip balm..... Okay, that is what I did. All the creams did help a bit, the sores closed, but I still had this redness, and It just would not go away! I was to an other doctor, and it was really bad at that time. Was in the military serving time, and the doctor gave me zinc cream. and something to moistorize.. It helped, but didnt remove the redness or cured it.

I moved to an other city again. Went to see the doctor. He said the same crap. I told him how long I had this problem and went into detail. I am afraid all the cortison cream I have used, might have permenantly damaged the skin, and that is why the redness wont go away. After being persistant, and he could see was really trying to get rid of it, he gave me a fungal treatment cream with cortison. The brand name was Brentacort. Worked at start, but not that well. And I used it a lot.

It just remembered, that I was very never using soap on my lips during all this period, I don not know if it has anything to do with it, but I had very dry skin, and to avoid it, I would only wash it with soap, if I had eaten something really greasy.

This is getting quite long..

I was then looking for other sources that caused this disease. I even stopped using flouride toothpaste! Spoke with a pharmacist, she said it had nothing to do with the toothpaste. I cant remember what she recommended.. But it did not help. Maybe temporarily.

Spoke with a other pharmacist, she suggested using dexpanthenol. I had not been using it for ages, so I thought I might give it a try again, it worked okay before. Still no cure, wounds would shrink, redness would stay. It was like it was just waiting for me to neglect it so it could pop open again.

Went to a other pharmecist, she said it was all the parrafin based products I had been using, which made it worse. Had really chapped lips also at that time. Got something with only herbs in it. Natural lip balm. Every pharmacist just gave me some other cream..

I wanna add that I have allergies also, and eczema. Not that bad though. It has gotten better now. The cortison always helped me on the eczema, so I thought it might be some eczema on my lips. Guess it is not.

So I have just been keeping it at bay for a long period. Lately I got really fed up with it. Did a lot of researches on the net. I live in the US now.

Found out the disease was called angular stomatis, or cheiliits, perleche etc.
Bought neosporin, anti jock itch cream, vaselin, bio-oil, neutrogena, tea tree oil. Tried to kill any bacteri infection, fungus , dryness with this. But must say I only considered it might be some fungi lately.

I went to see a doctor here also, actually 3. The first said, dryness, Use chapstix.. Other didnt know, send me to other. The last one was interesting though.

I looked at my tongue, and saw it was pretty white and hairy. Thought this is odd. But I know it has been like this for a long while, and though if there was any connection. I also had complains about I had a slightly bad breath.. Which could get really bad, time to time.

So, I then concluded I must have candida thing! Yeast infection overgrowth. Went to the last doctor with this new theori I had. She said no, herpes simplex... I showed my tongue, she said no, scraped at it, and said maybe. She made me some mouth rinse with Nyostatin. And some other stuff. Didnt work at all, not even the tongue scraper worked.. And inside my cheeks, there is a row of white stripe just where my teeth meet. And my tongue also seems slightly overlarged.

This is so long what I write..

But I think it is some fungus overgrowth in my body. I tried this cure you have posted, It really dried out my lips, and seems like if there was any fungus growing in the corners of my mouth it is gone, or at least I know how to remove it. Did the process you described maybe 5 times a day or even more!

But this redness just wont go away! it is not that red anymore though, but maybe it is scar tissue.. Any idea how to get it away? Or will it never?

Going to make a second post later today. Try to summarize it a bit.

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