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Re: Attached Note
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Attached Note

Previously I posted "A Letter to a Congressman" back more than two months ago.


Today, I have decided to send it to Senator John McCain along with this attached note.


Let me start by saying that I have not voted for a president of this country since the time that McGovern became a candidate. Since then I have felt that the political system has been so corrupted that most high level politicians have their heads so much in the clouds that even they are not able to see how they are being manipulated by the elite group that has a strong grip over those they ultimately come to select and maneuver into the positions of power that will ultimately serve their agendas.

What I am going to say will be said at the risk of losing your trust in my being of sound mind, as it will sound quite off the wall. But I bring this to your attention because it contains a most important question that needs to be answered by a man that is very likely to attain to the highest political office of this great nation of ours and to head the most powerful government on this Earth.

Most recently on July 28, 2008, I have come across a radio broadcast that is hosted by a man by the name of Butch Paugh who interviews a pastor by the name of Lindsey Williams. The radio broadcast has since been made into a video that contains audio only. You can listen to this series of 5 segments yourself at URL:
. Now, Pastor Williams story begins more than 35 years ago when he went to Alaska as an aviation missionary. Shortly after his arrival there, it was announced that the building of the Alaskan pipeline was going to begin. As a stroke of luck he got involved with one of the richest oil companies in Prudo Bay (near Anwar on the Arctic Ocean). His luck did not stop him there. Because later he says he became friends with many of the big wigs of that oil company and was given executive status and invited to sit in on their board meetings in an advisory capacity between management and labor for three years. And it was in this position that he was allowed access to certain information that very few people on this planet have access to.

For 35 years since then he has been going around giving talks and warning people of what is to come. He also has had a book out called The Energy Non Crises. This book is now no longer available due to the threats that this man says he has received just recently through a telephone conversation he has had with one of the “elite” people that he had rubbed shoulder with many years ago. Pastor Williams goes on to explain how this man, who was also his friend so many years ago, reveals what will happen within the next few months regarding certain events.

Basically, the events are as follows:

The price of gasoline at the pump will go continue to go up to $5 a gallon, $150 a barrel. But very soon it will drop to $50 a barrel. That would translate into approximately $2- $2.50 a gallon at the pump. And this will be accomplished by opening up two major oil fields, neither of which will be American. They will keep America dependent on foreign oil. And from this they will flood the world with cheap crude oil as if overnight in an effort to bankrupt the Arab economies of the world, in particular, aiming at Iran but will include Saudi Arabia. Dubai, Kuwait, etc. This will prevent the Arab world from being able to continue to buy the interest on our national debt, T Bills, Federal Reserve Issues, etc. and to hold on to their own national reserves which is based on U.S. dollars. The value of the dollar will go to zero which will usher in the North American Union and the new planned currency to be used, the Amero.

Pastor Lindsey Williams went on to say he was told that they, the “elitists”, were going to ensure that John McCain was their man in the White House. That prior to November there will most likely be an event that will ensure that John McCain will be elected President of the United States. After this he was told by this man that Americans will then see the economy of America fall into such a financial state that it will take years and years and years to come out of.

And so, Senator McCain, here is the question for you:

I have heard you say recently that you were willing to sacrifice your run for the presidency in order to do what was right in supporting the unpopular decision to send more troops into Iraq. The question that will need to be asked in the near future is this:

If you are able to see that there is a group of elitists that are manipulating the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election in November, through causing a certain event(s) to occur and the consequences that will result from this, much hardship falling on the American people, and the rest of the world as well. And even though this may lead you to become our next President, to have been hand-picked by these power elitists that are part of the Federal Reserve and the other international banking cartels of the world, will you move to take the power away from this group of individuals? Or will you, fall in line to be manipulated like the others that have preceded you?

I certainly would not like to be in your shoes. Such a decision is a life or death one to make, as you are aware of what happened to JFK after he threatened to regulate the Federal Reserve back in 1962. It will take some very hard and close looking at oneself to be able to come to a decision that one can be able to go on living with, or one to die for. I am very glad that I am just an average Joe without such high political aspirations. Thank you for finding the time to read what I have to say.

The Best of Luck with your political campaign.
And Blessings to you and your family.


A concerned citizen

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