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Lindsy Williams: "Oil to $50 a barrel, McCain to White House"
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Published: 13 years ago

Lindsy Williams: "Oil to $50 a barrel, McCain to White House"


This information from Lindsey Williams has been breaking from a handful of alternative sources the past week. The following video (part 1 of 5 interview, audio only, of Williams by Pastor Chuck) is one source. Rense is another.


Some of you might remember Williams from his previous lecture, posted here recently, and this lecture was based on his book - "energy non-criisis", and that book was based on having spent 20-some years living and working side by side with some of the elites who, daily, via computers in London and New York, dictate the world cost of oil, what people inside the oil industry refer to as "the open oil market".

The quick summary of Lindsey's recent message is that for only the second time in the past 24 years, he (Williams) has been threatened, cordially advised to stop telling what he knows about the entities controlling the global oil industry. As indications that Lindsey has taken the threat seriously, he mentioned that A) I've stopped selling the DVD program (which the lecture was based on); B) I've ordered my publisher to not sell ANY more of my books (energy non-crisis), and C) have packed it in (shut down) my web site - Continuing on with this summary, Lindsey explained the things he is allowed to say and by omission, implied the things that he has been warned to not discuss, any more, at any cost. For instance, he has been told that the price of oil will, in the short term, go up to about $5 a gallon in the US (perhaps by summer's end), but over the longer term (perhaps the next year) has been scheduled to go to $50 a barrel. Yes, 50....five zero. He either is not allowed to provide a specific time frame OR was not himself told what the specific time frame will be, but the basic idea he portrays is that oil will be going to $50 per barrel sometime within the next year. Along the way, McCain will be installed into the Oval Office with the implication being that he will somehow be portrayed as being in part responsible for this meteoric fall in the cost of oil. The purpose of this drop is to bankrupt the Saudi/Persian economy, or in other words, send the Saudis back to the desserts and donkeys they had long known as recently as a few decades ago before they first discovered how to become lured into and corrupted by Western approach to global financial hegemony. If/when the Persian (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, et al) economy is turned to dust, a natural side effect will be the collapse of the US dollar. One of the main props helping to hold it the US dollar over recent decades has been the Persian world's agreement to buy up a lot of the US national debt by way of purchasing "treasuries" and other financial instruments that are part of the hallmark of the West's criminal methods of operating global financial matters.


So, to recap once again, according to Lindsey Williams:

1 - short term, oil will continue to go up as will the cost at the pump, reaching somewhere around $5 gallon

2 - the cost of oil will then be sent to $50 by way of new oil fields, soon to open, flooding the markets

3 - 2 will in some way be wrapped around election 08' in the US, with McCain the chosen beneficiary

4 - after the Saudi economy fails, the US dollar will then collapse due to having lost one of it's main props: ongoing mass purchase by Saudi of US debt by way of various state-sponsored "investment instruments".




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