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Re: MS and you as my best friend
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: MS and you as my best friend

You said.

I'm going to ask you a few questions to get to know you better. I'd like to know your gender, your age, when onset occurred, and what kind of MS you have. Are you on medications now and under a doctor's care there in Jordan? Are you a native Jordanian or a guest living in Jordan? How easy is it for you to get to Amman? What kind of an herbalist did you see? Has this person had success with helping people with MS? How fast is the MS progressing? What can you do... meaning, how is the MS challenging you? Do you use a cane or are you in a chair already? How advanced is it? Are you able to do any kind of exercise or walking? Are you suffering in pain? Numbness? How badly does heat affect you? How easy is it for you to get fresh fruits and vegetables? Do you have a water distiller or could you get one? Do you have a juicer or even a blender, or could you get one? What do you do for a living? Is the MS affecting your ability to work/bring in an income?

I am an american living in Jordan with a jordanian citizenship. I am not under a care of a doctor as not possible. I can get to amman no problem. I have an herb guy I go to in zarka here, he is pretty good but not much available. Most docs here think I am tired so getting help is difficult. I have a very good braun blender, my juicer is on the outs and a cheapie but works, I do not have a water distiller, have bottle water delivered, I walk when I go to work as it is a few blocks away from the bus. I am in pain, numbness, tingling, burning in my legs and feet, blurry visions, heat is really hard to me and difficult for me to take hot showers. i am taking hydrotherapy showers which is 5 min hot and 5 cold. sometimes I cannot take the full 5 minutes and always sick afterwards but they help me alot. I do get fresh fruits and veggies but you have to understand that jordan has no water and the worse in the world so the veggie and fruits full of chemicals and hormones so when i get them i wash them and one cap of vinegar. I am a english teacher in a very small school with only 3 students. I am hoping for more money next month if we can get a bigger class. Not guaranteed though and not sure if I can physically work.

You talk about pity and that is the worse. When I went to the lab and could not talk right and they can see on your face that you are spaced out they pity you. She immediately cut the price down when I told her I got charity from one man to help me. I saw in her face pity and I felt sad. Same with my neighbors when they see me in bad shape they pity me and shocked that this woman who was so strong before has been reduced to someone of no value, they pity me. That is the worse part of the whole thing. It is humiliating not to be in control of yourself, but at the end of the day you are alone and when you feel bad nobody is there. So I find myself staying away from people but more and more are seeing me now and nothing I can do. Like when they find out a big secret it must be talked. Sad yes,

I know Allah has a reason and I know I will be ok or die. Either way it is my destiny and I accept it, I just pray that I can die with dignity.

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