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Re: Healthy Organs - for Candidaincontext
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Healthy Organs - for Candidaincontext

I am sorry to say this... But I dont have a formula for Optimum Organ Health... I dont think anyone does to tell you the truth, because everyone is different and I am in some ways just begining to learn about the subject. But the more I delve into it, the less symptoms I have :)

I will guide you through what I do that I consider is easy, then I will try to tackle some harder stuff. You might accept some of it, all of it, or none of it. But dont believe what I tell you because you think its gonna get you out of candida town... do it because you want a better life. Because you want to be a better person.

First I will talk about the #1 thing that is so very necessary in my opinion before beating candida. This is stress, or rather trying to get rid of as much of it as possible. Stress is a killer... stress slows healing... stress is a waste of energy... I can go on, but you can research it for yourself. So get rid of as much stress as you can... now you cant always get rid of everything. My definition of stress is anything that puts negative energy on the body. So anger, guilt, shame, hatred, grief, scorn, fear...and emotions like these are degenerative to health and well-being. So if get worked up easy into any one of these states you need to deal with it. And that goes for food too... if you freak out because your denying yourself a twinky... eat the twinky. Because the stress is way worse in my opinion... then after reflect on why you wanted that damn twinky so bad. Was it because it is a comfort food??? why did you need to be comforted??? seriously it needs to be reflected on, because twinkies are not real food. Aswell advertisers have spent trillions on brainwashing the masses into eating these things... so be sure to think about that aswell. Just about forgot... dont force yourself to be happy either... that never works. Just dont look for things to get stressed about.

Next is the shadow soul... the shadow soul in simple terms is where we put all the stuff we repress and forget about. Bad childhood experiences and such... these if not dealt with will result in illness and misfortune. So what I do for this is I journal... I try to dig up all of my past memories and write about it. Lots of emotions come up, and are released. Some good... some horrible, but the thing is that I generated all those emotions long ago. And the nice thing is once they are released they are gone for good. All you have to do is be aware of these emotions, understand... forgive all involved... even yourself, and then move on. Thats it... you can do more research into this on your own.

Next I into living an honorable life. I want you to make a pact with yourself that you will live an honorable life... this means be a generative person in soceity, as opposed to a degenerate who hurts the community. The type of stuff degenerate acts will attract into your life are never good.

Emotional healing... try to bring as much love, joy, kindness, laughter and peace into your life and others as possible. But dont force it. Even if your symptoms dont go when you do this, you still feel better doing it. Even if its just throwing some bird seed to the pigeons. Creativity is also fun... even if its just re-organizing the fridge magnets. Maybe even go buy some flower seeds, and plant them in random places around the neighbourhood and see if they grow.

Agreements... agreements are things that you agree to with. You might believe things subconciously, so watch what you agree with. So if you believe every little thing will make you sick, and everything out there is toxic... you will become sick. Its that easy... If you think you are ugly and disgusting, you will be that. If you agree that mercury is poisoning you... then that is going to happen. Where your mind goes, your body follows. Now that doesnt mean if you think your immune to mercury its going to be healthy... but what I am saying is that if you think every breath you take is killing you... well then your going to have some problems. its all about balance. You might also agree that you deserve the illness for what ever reason... and what not. Be Carefull with what you agreewith.

After this I think you need to learn about kundalini energy. Deep breathing and meditation and such. Learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine, maybe even see a TCM doctor. Learn how to direct Qi... get the vitals energies moving. Some stuff is about removing blockages, others is about getting flow. Learn how to eat the TCM way to help your illnesses. Each of the organs correlate with different emotions and such... so learn how that works.

I have been successful in lowering my stress and feeling better by taking Wheat grass juice, juicing fruits, veggies, and by boiling nutritious teas for an hour in a ceramic chinese tea pot. I also wake up feeling refreshed. I also dont get the sores around my mouth I used to.

There is alot more that I dont know... infact I probably know about 0.0000000001% of healing, if that. But its all about the energy... removing blockages, and increasing flow.

Get sunlight... and fresh air...

Last but definitly not least... check out Charlies forum here on CZ. He has alot of valueble information regarding the vitality of the Liver and such. He is the reason I started looking into it. No other teacher on CZ discusses this principle of health... that I have seen, or they dont put as much emphasis like he does.

Ummm... I mean I could go on here, but I think that this is a good starting point. Because you gotta figure out you. I know it probably looks weak...

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