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Re: Candida has to be a symptom and not a cause for our problems
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Candida has to be a symptom and not a cause for our problems

seth.... please try to see this from a different perspective, to do this I will give you an analogy

You got this pond... and its a man made 300 gallon pond. So for this man made pond you buy a man made pump and filter. This filter has bacteria in it and such, and the manufacturers say that this pump is good for 300 gallons.

And this is a nice pond... full of koi, gold fish, lily pads and such. Now when this pond is working at 100%, everything is healthy because the pump works great, and the bacteria does its job. Now lets say a tree branch falls into the pond, and cloggs up the pump. Now the pump isnt filtering 300 gallons like it should, its only good for 200. But you dont notice this problem with the pump, you only notice that the pond starts to stink, and that there is some rotting. You clean the pond, but again since the pump wasnt addressed the pond just gets dirty and stinky again, the fish get sick and a few die. So you take out the dead fish and some of the plants... you feed the fish less food because there are less fish. And now for some reason the pond goes back to health on its own, and no longer stinks.

Now the pond got better because there was less load on the eco system. But the origional problem is still the pump. If the pump were cleaned, the pond would have cleaned itself up no problem, and there would be no dead fish. The pump is like our organs, and the fish is like the food we eat. If the organs cant handle the work load of the food, then the food rots in our bodies. Some foods rot worse than others... its a basic analogy, but it works.

So Seth... here is what I am saying. You can change your diet as much as you want. Unless your bodys organs can handle the workload of the food you put in it, the food will rot inside you. But is the root of the problem isnt the food, the source problem is the weak organs. So yeah... make a nice diet, one that lowers stress on the body. But if you rely on that diet alone to cure you... your gonna be in for a big suprize, because its not gonna do a damn thing. Only optimizing those organs is going to do that. Every forum here stresses eating, and cleansing... yet there is nothing to be said about the vitality of an organ. Something which chinese medicine talks about quite abit. Aswell only the body can heal itself, and the body has many factors...

And you can stress out over ice cream, and twinkies... but diet alone is not going to cure you, so indulging every now and again is no big deal IMO. Infact I think it beneficial, because stress alone for not eating a cupcake is worse than indulging in it. Getting those organs up and running to 100% should be the Candida sufferers #1 focus, and cleansing and diet alone wont do it.

p.s. Please answer me this question... why does a fresh picked fruit not rot, where as one that is left on the counter for a few days will be rotten, and full of fungus?

Go Ask Moreless... he will have a good answer for you.

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