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My 34th Liver Flush. how to easily take OO mix
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Published: 11 years ago

My 34th Liver Flush. how to easily take OO mix

last few LF's I only passed chaffs and tiny stones and was pretty stressed because I new I had some big ones, I first thought maybe I was immune to epsome salt or maybe I was taking in too little oil even though I was using 5 to 6 ounce of oil

I usually sleep on my back or on my right and only tried sleeping on my left once
and I did pass alot more stone sleeping on my left but I was little scared that the stone might get stuck in my pancrase duct if I sleep on my left

but since I wasnt passing much in my last 2 LF's I said ****it and slept on my left
in a very comfortable position

Usually I get up in about 2 to 4 hours after taking the OO (Olive-Oil) mix with terrible Nausea
Nausea usually means that there are stones in my small intestine but I slept through the night without waking up. after about 7th hour of sleep I woke up and thought to my self since that "I didnt get nausea so I prolly didnt pass anything" and was very dispointed but all of the sudden nausea was comming over me in about 7 and a half hour, so then I quickly drank about 1 1/2 litre of water and tried to sleep again but I felt like throwing up. it was pretty painful throwing up but at the same time I was pretty glad I was, since nausea and throwing up means, I have stones in my intestine

after the 3rd dose of Epsom Salt and in my 2nd and 3rd bowel movement in the morning
I passed 2, 3cm stones and 1, 2cm stone and few small stones

I opened it up with my cigarette bud and it was dark dark green in side almost like black and was very hard and solid and it actually looked white on the out side but when I opened it up it was dark green inside

ever since then I been feeling pretty energized

I think I dont have any more stones in my liver maybe few small stones and some chaffs but I know I have alot in my gallbladder because its still little bit inflamed right now as Iam typing so from now on I will be sleeping in my left

no wonder I failed so many LF's " my livers clean its just my gallbladder

so if you have inflamed gallblader or had previous gallbladder attacks then you need to sleep on your left I believe its pretty safe since I done 2 LF's sleeping on my left without a problem so do this for your own sake

I think Iam a pro on LFs since Ive done so many. I maybe done more than 34 flushes
I just lost count but I know I did at least 34 flushes

last but not least, taking OO (Olive-Oil) mix

I know many people have problems taking them and I did have a problem taking the OO (Olive-Oil) mix but not anymore. I tried many different methods including taking oil in capsule form and fried eggs and so forth but nothing works like drink the OO mix

its eaay now, hold your nose with your fingers while drinking them, and watch TV and dont think about the oil and try to drink it up in one shot and after drinking the mix still hold your nose and chase it down with some juice and some potatoe chips and let it go

more detail

this is what I do

I get out 2 disposible large cups I fill one with a OO mix and fill the other with juice, fruit punch juice is my favorite but some times I use apple juice or pine apple juice. I turn the TV on and watch them for about 2 minutes and dont think about the OO mix but concentrate on the TV. and then while Iam watching TV I hold my nose with my thumb and my four finger with my left hand and do one shot on the OO mix and then while still holding the nose I drink up the fruit punch juice that I prepared with the OO mix and then still holding my nose I wipe my mouth with a paper towel and start munching on some Doritos or Ruffles, maybe about 10 to 15 pieces of chips, drink a cup of water and brush my teeth, smoke a cigarette while trying to butt pee in the washroom LOL and go to bed, sleep on the left for gallbladder flush and sleep your back or on your right for LF



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