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Re: --answer--ML may not be perfect, but who of us is????
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: --answer--ML may not be perfect, but who of us is????

"Answer to this False accusation: If you would have done your homework, you would see that I Place "ALL" Organized Religion in the same Box of Deception !"

There are good people in all religions, just as there are crazy irrational fundamentalists. Through all of time people have used thier Gods to thier means. And I saw you judge Sarah for being Muslim... perhaps you should use the same judgements on Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and Rumi for all being part of organized religion. An attack is an attack... and you know very well that people take thier religions to heart... and the possible responce you would get from Sarah.

"And it is your choice to continue to stay Deceived or learn about the "Truth" of the one "True" God of the Universe, who states that mankind should learn to Love thy Brother as thyself !"

You make assumptions about me... you dont know me. You dont know what I know. You dont know who I know, or what I do. You dont know the first thing about me. See this is your M.O. Moreless. I knew you would do this too, infact its posted earlier. Nothing I posted... Not one shred of anything I have ever posted stated anythying in regards to not loving my brothers, or striving to live a generative/honorable life to myself, my community, my environment, and my God within this existance. I am not perfect... and I get into it with people now and again but that doesnt mean I hate them and want ill for them.

When people dont side with your views or take your insults, you post that thier faith in God and whatnot is bad and that they dont love God or follow Gods Laws. Its no wonder your accustions make so many so angry.

"HOW" can Loving thy Brother as thyself be wrong???????????????????"

I never said it was wrong... you believe your just in your actions. I dont see it being just... infact I see that your being mean and cruel to Sarah because of her beliefs.

I dont even really believe in loving they neighbour as thyself... I just believe in extending love into everything I do. Love is the only answer... do you not believe this ML... Do you not believe in Love Moreless...? because when you attack another person because of thier faith and not thier actions... its a Malicious act, and not an act of love.

"What is Self-rightous about letting others Live in peace and happiness?"

Nothing is self-rightous about letting others live in peace and happiness.... but I stated that you are self-rightous for justifying your criticisms of others based on their faith. Aswell when others do not agree with your views, you criticize thier faith in God. This is self-rightous... where you got the idea that I thought you were being self-rightous for letting others live in peace and happiness from my posts I have no understanding.

"How can it be wrong to allow others to Live in Peace and Happiness with their own Beliefs, when they are not trying to Force others to live as they choose to live and not "Killing" others because of trying to live in Peace ?"

Now if you think that all Muslims believe that killing others in the name of peace and happiness is a fact you are very mislead. Typical average Muslims dont like war/suffering/pain just as much as you dont like it ML. However there are a short few who chose to doctor the words of the Quran to support thier agendas. Just like the crusades and spanish inquisition... the bible was used to justify the actions of men. Sometimes these Muslims with dark agendas will go to the slums where there is the poorest of the poor and brainwash them into doing actions of terrorism. They use food and clothing to lure them in. Then they tell them they will get virgins and whatnot when they die. Tell them that what they are doing is an act of valor and dignity. No rational human would do such acts... I feel sorry for these poor mislead people who have been mislead this way. And because these poor boys have never been educated to be able to discriminate... they gobble down everything they have been told.

Typical Muslims arent much different than Americans... they do thier daily work and chores... they celebrate... they love nature... and they pray. Infact to be a sufi you need only dedicate 15 minutes each day to God. If you "do your homework" before making judgments of an entire culture... you will know this. Muslims dont even hate americans... they just dont like the american government. Most americans dont like thier government aswell, and its obvious why. You will also see that its the western world that is forcing themselves on the middle east, and not the other way around. Infact the western world forces themselves everywhere... instead of letting them live in peace and happiness.

" Would not this kind of mindset bring Peace and Love to the world ?"

absolutely... if all we did was generative actions I am sure the world be awesome in about a year.

" "WHY" do you object to this Simpleness? "

I dont... again you make assumptions.

" "WHY" do folks hold onto ideas of deception, which Cause Hate and War?"
I dont know... probably because they either dont know better... or because they are greedy... or are just malevolant. Most likely a combination of all three.

"What is Self-rightous about letting others Live in peace and happiness?"
Nothing... but again I never said anything different.

"Where is this kind of Love and Peace, when a religion allows the "Killing" of ones Sister in the name of family Honor, for the sister looking on another man or wanting to choose to marry whom she wishes to finds Happiness with, even if it means changing her own Religious beliefs?"

Ok now your getting at the nitty gritty details of some parts of the Muslim culture. However not all Muslims do the stoning and family killing thing. That is extreme... and yeah they have arranged marriges. But it may not necessarily be a bad thing... just look to the divorce rates in arranged marrige countries vs non-arranged to see this. There are problems in our own cultures aswell... you dont see me judgeing all the people in america as crazy degenerates for a few of the bad things we do? or dont understand? That would be irrational.

So go ahead ML... Question my beliefs in God... Go ahead and call me crazy... call me a degenerate... say that I live against God. But first question why it is that you are doing it.

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