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oops, posted in wrong thread n/m Re: Generations of Panic Attacks
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Published: 13 years ago
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oops, posted in wrong thread n/m Re: Generations of Panic Attacks

Oh my - there's WAY too much misinformation in this thread (and previous responses to treebird) for me to not add some valid/healing information.

I, too, have dealt successfully with psych-pharmaceuticals (15 years on). I also have a mother whose life was destroyed by them (but she's still alive...a shell that lives in constant & brutal misery from being take off benzodiazepines too quickly - along with having taken EVERY anti-depressant on the market for 30 years). And I have also helped several people get off years/decades on psych-drugs & benzodiazepines.

Here is THE answer for coming off ANY psych-drug (or combo of psych drugs) using nutriceuticals. It is a FANTASTIC program, well-organized, phenomenally well researched and it's so successful, that even allopathic doctors and addiction clinics are starting to use it. Many people (thousands!) have used it successfully with virtually NO intense side-effects. AND there's taper schedules for each and every psych med one needs to get off of - along with which one to withdraw from first.

Ativan is one of the most difficult benzodiazepines from which to withdraw - you can get all the support you need (from hundreds of people & sites that have far more than their own personal experiences & 'protocols that worked for them' - that may or may NOT work for you)....right here:

BenzoUK is the internet center for everything you need to know/research about getting off benzodiazepines - you fill find tons of support there (and links to several other support forums)...but you'll find very little support regarding the use of nutriceuticals or any type of holistic protocols.

Not to make anyone 'look bad', but so that you know (and this post is there for the hundreds of others that may need it in the future), I'm going to address the vital parts of well as answer some of your questions from past threads.

>>>No, no, no! Do NOT do any of the cleanses until you are off the drug. It will cause the withdrawal symptoms to be more than you can tolerate. When the pain and symptoms of drug withdrawal are gone, then, yes, I see no reason why you cannot start the cleansing programs.>>>

***Total BS (and VERY sad). There are MANY cleanses you can do to start supporting your body so that it can support you while weaning off the drugs.

---The easiest, most beneficial and most likely to NOT cause side-effects is the coffee enema. Although some folks on this forum don't believe it's an effective way to cleanse & restore the liver, it was/is used by Dr Gerson/clinics to cure tens of thousands of people from various incurable diseases...and it's the only form of liver protocol that was utilized. (Coffee enemas were listed in the Merck Manual as a way to decongest the liver for years). Aside being great for cleansing the liver (and an extremely effective pain reliever), it also cleanses the blood of free radicals for time the enema solution is retained.

---You can safely do high water enemas, home colonic, or make an appointment with a colonic therapist to do a series of colonics for colon cleansing. Colonics are THE most effective method for thoroughly cleansing the colon (and far & away the safest and fastest). Just make sure that you time them so that all the drugs have absorbed into your bloodstream before you do them.

--->>>Was Colonix flushing out my Zoloft effects even if I was taking it later in the day?<<< You didn't mention (that I read) which Colonix products you used. The grapefruit pectin in the Intestinal Cleanser can absorb/neutralize pharmaceuticals (though not as strong as will bentonite clay or activated charcoal in Schulzes IF#2). And the grapefruit seed extract in the Paranil can play havoc with a huge array of pharmaceuticals. The pectin shouldn't be strong enough (in the small amount in the Colonix) to send you into the type of withdrawal that'd put you down for 2 months, but on top of the Paranil & possibly killing parasites, the pectin AND the precarious balance of your meds, that could definitely do it. Some anti-parasite herbs cause anxiety (as well as killing them causing anxiety). And of course, any herb can cause an allergic/unknown reaction. It will help your progress immensely to be having a couple of bowel movements daily. If you want to 'go herbal' something like Smooth Move Tea (with very few possible 'reactive' herbs) would be the way to go..but I'd suggest the safest and most effective thing is organic prune juice. :)

---You should have no difficulties doing a full kidney cleanse. There's absolutely no reason I know of why you cannot - unless you'd an allergic reaction to one of the herbs. Dr. Schulzes is VERY effective. You can get it on his website here:
OR you can get the exact same products (sold at Health Freedom Resources online here:
Southern Botanicals//Health Freedom Resources
from Chris (at a major discount!). Chris has a small co-op in Houston and buys in bulk from Schulze/HFR (but Schulze only discounts 4 products, his kidney cleanse isn't one of them)...and she offers the discounts to ALL Curezoners. You can contact her here:

---Milk Thistle is an herb that assists in healing AND decongesting the liver. The dosage is 1-3 tablespoons of ground milk thistle seed (you canNOT take the silymarin extract from the seeds as it interferes with some pharmaceuticals), but the whole seed does not. You can buy the ground seed here:

Mountain Rose Herbs
or here:

Pacific Botanicals - Welcome

>>>I would start by decreasing the dosage each week over a period of a month to 6 weeks. You should be able to live with this, and it's safe. <<<

--Absolutely Incorrect (and VERY dangerous information)!! Most people that are addicted to benzodiazepines can only safely cut 1/10th of their current dose every two weeks! (Note: that is not 10th at a time, but 1/10th of each previous dose; this is a process that for many that takes -at the minimum- several months, and for some, several years). Coming off fully in a month to a month and a half will throw many people into Benzodiazepine Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome...which can last for years, and for less than 5-10% of the people, forever.
It take most people far longer than a month or two to withdraw from ANY antidepressant safely, as well. This is not 'anecodotal information'; this is based on the works of Professor Heather Ashton who ran a benzo withdrawal clinic in the UK for years. (see the benzoUK site above for more complete information).

---For many people, especially on benzos with a short half-life (like Ativan), it is suggested to switch to the equivalent dosage of the one with the longest half-life (which is Valium)...this will reduce withdrawal symptoms IMMENSELY and make withdrawal far more tolerable. This information is available for download and printing off - to give to ones physician for consideration on the benzoUK site.
Here's a direct link to that:

>>>After you have taken your last pill, you won't have any withdrawal symptoms for about a day,<<<

--- Delayed 'withdrawal response' from benzos can happen up to TWO WEEKS after the last dose is taken.

>>>I know how to withdraw from these drugs, so have given you the low-down on all of it.<<<

-- You have posted some very inaccurate and dangerous misinformation - especially as it relates to benzodiazepine withdrawal.

>>>When coming off the drug, you also will suffer from depression. That is a rebound effect, too, caused by the drug.<<<

>>>You may suffer from rebound anxiety which is 6x that of what you would have normally because of coming off the drug<<<

---I came off 15 years of anti-depressants with absolutely no depression or 'rebound effect'. The anxiety one experiences when coming off benzos has nothing to do with a 'rebound effect'. It is caused because the benzodiazepines have chemically overstimulated our bodies natural calming mechanism for years (the GABA receptors) and now they are exhausted (and cannot stimulate themselves to work without chemical stimulation). When one withdraws the chemical stimulation to the depleted/exhausted GABA receptors, all forms of physical anxiety can be experienced (including life-threatening seizures...which is another reason to NEVER make dosage cuts too quickly). There are various lists on the possible effects from withdrawal of benzos at the benzoUK site - there are many that would never seem to be caused from withdrawal from a sedative (and can't be caused from a typical sedative) - the benzos are in a class all to themselves - and most that are 'in the know' (doctors included) say that coming off of benzos makes coming off of heroin seem like a walk in the park.

BUT, there is no need to experience 'rebound depression' when coming off of antidepressants. If the body is cleansed even partially sufficiently and given proper nutrition (daily superfood and high-caliber fish oil is a MUST), then there will be no 'rebound'.

>>>The die-off from the bugs is what is giving you the panic attacks along with drug withdrawal symptoms<<<

---The drugs, for sure, yes. The parasites die off? I have read HUNDREDS of stories over the years (and helped many others personally) that have never once experienced panic or anxiety when killing parasites. It may happen for some (and I can't/won't debate those that it's happened to, because it's real for them), but it certainly doesn't happen in every case.

>>>Getting off the drugs is NOT easy to do and may not be possible in this situation<<<

---It IS possible in EVERY situation...but not without the proper knowledge and support.

Treebird, if you're not already aware of it, it's possible to be in 'full boat withdrawal' on a benzodiazepine while still taking the benzodiazepine. It's called 'tolerance withdrawal' and you can read all about at the benzoUK site.

Please don't try to concoct some type of 'home-made' nutriceutical program based on the anecdotal stories of a couple of Curezoners, when The Road Back has worked successfully for tens of thousands of people. They provide free phone & email support and can advise you correctly. Benzodiazepine withdrawal is very serious (and doing it incorrectly or too quickly can be well as soul/spirit destroying)...but it doesn't have to be. If you take the time to research the benzoUK site, learn about switching to Valium for the withdrawal period, surround yourself with others that are going through exactly the same thing AND utilize the program at The Road Back, you can get through this with the very least amount of symptoms possible...I guarantee it.

If you'd like to email me, there's a link next to my Username above. I'm really busy this week, but I wouldn't mind taking the time to talk on the phone a bit to give you some support and encouragement and make sure you're getting THE most accurate information available (not based on a few personal experiences, but people & protocols that specialize in what you're about to do). No doubt about it, this is probably the toughest road you'll ever travel in your life...but I have absolutely no doubt that you can do it!!

Blankets of blessings -


(And to those whose information I've corrected, you can also verify your incorrect information at the sites I've posted - please don't take it up with me, take it up with the professionals and people who have devoted their entire lives to helping others withdraw from benzos & psych-pharmaceuticals).

Also, here's some more information on benzos & withdrawal:

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