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Hot topic here!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Hot topic here!

Thanks for the input. I could do without the bashing each other. it's hardly productive.

Hasn't anyone gone to get complete blood chems or anything before, during and after taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ...or most any other than allopathic?
Testing for what ails is better or gone as well?

The chemical composition and reactions of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ...what is known anyway is not hard to find.

No one has yet to copy and paste can delete or mark out names.
If I came across anything that rid me of this hcv...not the standard treatment..been there..., symptoms and and all my bloods and other tests came back good...I'd be posting that all over the place.
If there was great improvement, I'd post that too.
For me only the platelets have gone up so far and have yet to wait and do tests to see if other things have improved upon doing this new protocal plus the tried and true.
I'll post the labs and what I've been doing if there is significant improvement...or if much worse in appropriate places.
This is a Miracle-Mineral-Supplement forum so not here.

An important thing is that 'alternative' medicines and treatments CAN be as harmful as allopathic ones if not used correctly ...a few should be left alone..or the correct ones used for the individual person. Whether treated by self or a licensed practioner or a highly experienced one.
There are the scammers and inept in this area as well.
That has truly been my experience.
and i am one of those who go and get tests and have a hip doctor who does or prescribes them for me.

In this thread, I was hoping that someone would have done the same and if so, to post.
So far, I will not consider MMS and my friend knows to get tests, listen to her body upon reading more on various experiences by others.
I'll keep up on the new regiment I'm on and add some new far, the best results have been more energy, better cognitive abilities, central nervous system is so much better, platelets rising, organs including bowels are operating very well, skin, hair, nails and general overall appearance much much better...the treatment for the hcv really did a number and on a very deep level as well....but more tests will come and shall see if there are improvements in other areas such as significant viral load reduction, liver enzymes decreased to normal levels, liver histology, auto-immune problems that treatment caused and so on.
And I'm not taking or doing anything questionable, harmful. The treatment for the hcv is what got me in the state I've been in. Revved up the hep that was quiet and the chemicals did lots of damage.
I'm one of many with that story but am happy for those who cleared and made it out not harmed much. Small percentage when you figure out the biased stats of successful treatment outcomes.

I am a vegan, never even took aspirin..always used herbs and supplements, ate organically, grew my own foods, doing that treatment...I was in shock...and at that time there wasn't enough info on combo treatment for hcv...was just approved the year I was diagnosed; a job situation prompted me to get tested... and thought I had all there was to know. All specialists i went to said i would die in 5 years or need to get a transplant if I didn't do that stuff. Liars or oh so ignorant. but i bet on the liar.
It is more than a disgrace...criminal.. that people will prey on the sick..whether they be into alternatives or the md's. it turned out, the ones I saw for hcv are in cahoots with the drug companies...and most don't think 'outside the box'.

The idea of taking something like MMS is alarming.
I learned the hard way..and i will never be asleep or rather shocked dumb at the wheel ever again.
MMS needs to be thoroughly researched by independent labs. And that herxing...isn't that theory? Without tests how would one know why they are puking, have liver aches, headaches, got the runs and all the rest I've read?
How does one really know that they aren't being poisoned by MMS? And pass it off as herxing?
Anyone on that should be getting complete blood chems done. Just my opnion though.

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