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donewithsmoke Views: 70,671
Published: 14 years ago
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Hey all, My first cleanse was fantastic. I was going about 6 times a day. A few months later I figured I better try it again, after noticing that ANY FAT or HIGH Sugar foods, caused me to seize up and become irregular. This is because of my cigerrette detox. My theory is that I have so many toxins in my colon trying to escape and trying to repair damaged tissue as well and many other invisible tasks that the body must do to rid of toxins, that I just didnt have enough energy to keep it going. Since nicotine is a laxative, also I noticed at first I was slower and just plain unmotivated as I used to be while smoking, but that returned shortly after the first cleanse and I had a really great run and passed a lot of nasty looking stuff (it was full of vivid color from many types of toxins). My fecal material started becoming a very dark reddish brown, and I knew that I was starting to digest the ciggerette gunk in my lungs. After the first year I was normally regular, but only if I kept my calories below 2000 (actually close to 1500 was optimized), and that I was vigoriously excersizing and getting fresh vitamins in at the proper times, which is very hard to do during holidays and while working fulltime. So many times, if I snuck in a heavy meal of fats or sugar, I would clump up and be backed up about a week or so. I just couldn't keep up with the diet of my peers and friends, and it was extremely dificult to adjust to a 1500 calorie per day diet after eating about 3000 my entire life. I was always a medium sized guy without the need for a diet (so I thought). This complete sabotage of my metabolism was hard to deal with, especially during christmas time. The only thing that returned my bowels to normally, was a two week heavy jog for a few miles per day mixed with some nice vitamins and supplements including arginine which helped to open my capaialries to get my blood pumping, and come CLA which helped my kick my bad metabolism. After about 2 weeks of jogging and eating healthy, you will notice a drastic change in your body in all elements and you will start "coasting" again without concern. Since its february here in my city, I still havnt been able to find a nice burst of weather to begin my jogging too, and I suspect that this is still the reasons why I clog, but what concerns me now is the fact that the last two colon flushes I tried didnt work even 3/4 as well as the first one. I noticed that in combination with the Bentonite that I was clogging up even more. I think that maybe the toxins in my colon are just leaking out the walls of my intestines and any fat or sticky bowel just sticks and stops immediatly. You also notice a break in the conbinations of how the organs work such as: liver, kidney, and colon, as well as heart rate, and brain function. Its weird because in ciggerette detox, you organs do not stop!, but they still cry for breaks, so I noticed that they need to switch from each other, and if one slow down, the rest bring your plans to a screaching halt. There is no way to rid of such filth under these conditions. The main thing is, the body switches to these huge systems that need to act as sole operations such as I need to repair today instead of digesting as well, or I need to pump blood faster even though I cant pass these bad things into the blood. Its really frusterating and the organs are in constant agony and pain everyday, and it doesn go away, so sometimes you need to stop eveything and walk just to let the immune system catch up and then deal with the toxic stress and mucles fatigue from having the crap in your blood everyday. The brain gets short burst of power occasionally, and if becomes difficult when you need to switch because who knows what the best way for your organs to function, becase under normally conditions they all work simotanouesly and without any assitance or any second thoughts about it (its totally involentary), and if they dont have time to think about what they are doing. This is dangerous, and the body begins becoming confused.

Anyhow, my biggest confusion about the colon detox, is that now after a year and some and I try to do a colon cleanse, I still dont get the results Im looking for when I slow down, and the Bentonite works, but also makes the bowels thick and sticky. Has anyone who is somewhat healthy had any similar problems after a year or two doing colon cleanses? Maybe the first one cleaned it out pretty good (it has been decades since I was born), and I didnt have enought left to push out the bad stuff. My second theory is that with slimmy bowel and bowels thats not pure food substance, that the toxins dont pass out as well, (like as normally would), and that the whole system is fake, and make the detox even worse because the colon says wait here... I cant pass out as many toxins now, and then slows down because that in turn caused excess pressure of kidneys, liver, and other organs. This method is then ineffective, so I am wondering if anyone else not in heavy detox has these symtops after a long time of doing the cleanses. Any help would be great.

Dont quite the Bentonite though, it works great, and taking it just as a fast, for several weeks, will proof to work wonders to. I like to switch it up.

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