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Re: Attack of the Suicide Sprayers (brief comments on therapy)
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Attack of the Suicide Sprayers (brief comments on therapy)

I am having decent qualitative success with bioavailability enchanced curcumin w/ piperine (for gastrointestinal problems), essential oils (rosemary oil at this point, as it seems least toxic to take internally and is a potent antioxidant), resveratrol, omega-3 fatty acids (fish/flaxseed oil), stabilized R-alpha lipoic acid, and Colloidal Silver . Fresh garlic of course is excellent, as is tumeric, and other various aromatic spices. All health really starts with food.

I realize some of these supplements are expensive; the cheapest I would suggest would be the Colloidal Silver and rosemary oil. I can post details but there is strong evidence that rosemary oil is a powerful antioxidant, improves brain function, as well as having very respectable antifungal properties against normally resistant organisms. You can add a few drops to a glass of water.

I can post more data later as to whether this has a quantitative effect on parasite load and/or RBC and macrophage pathogenesis (chemtrail disease). I'm not sure the bioavailability of rosemary oil in humans, this is an important unanswered question. I can tell you rosemary oil is not toxic in rats up to 1500mg/kg if my memory serves me correctly, but as with any new therapy , start slow and work up in dose. It has however been proven effective against pathogens at doses around 50-100mg/kg in rats (also from memory).

Other essential oils with strong proven antifungal/antibacterial activity which may be safe to take internally (orally) include

clove oil
lemongrass oil
thyme oil

Remember to start slow in dose and work up if you are experimenting with new therapies. Stop immediately if you experience vomiting or neurological side effects (vertigo (dizziness), confusion, heart palpitations, etc). Generally these side effects are rare but is a good general rule for evaluating central and peripheral toxicity. Start low, work up. If you are taking other prescriiption medication, obviously consult your doctor before beginning alternative therapy of oral consumed essential oils as this is still highly experimental at this point.

I would advise against taking tee tree oil internally, as it can be toxic, but you can inhale the vapors and this seems to help clear the lungs and improve mood.

The Colloidal Silver is very safe, just make sure you get a respectable brand, ie.

Silver Biotics
Sovereign Silver
Mesosilver (debatable in particle size, but safe)
Oxysilver (new, appears safe)
forgive me if I have forgotten another good brand.

PPM is not as important as particle size. Optimum particle size (in general) for colloidal silver appears to be on the order of 1nm - 10nm (10 - 100 Angstroms).

I'm sure there are other therapies, but we really need to be able to quantify the effect through blood sampling and observation through microscopy of the effect on intracellular parasites.

I am working on this. If anyone knows a open-minded trusted pathologist and/or microbiologist with free time, please contact me.

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