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Re: who will work if everybody is infected? (proteomics/future research)
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: who will work if everybody is infected? (proteomics/future research)

Well , as far as I can tell, this infection is not designed to be immediately lethal, at least not without some secondary trigger. At this point it seems more as a method of broad-scale population control and/or internal host manipulation through proteomics and nanotechnology. The lethality appears to come through secondary effects such as opportunistic infections, fibrosis of the lung, atherosclerosis, parasitic fungal growth, pneumonia, etc. Now of course this opinion could change if there is new evidence, like if someone did NMR on one of these protein crystals and found neurotoxins or something like that. Heck, we don't even know what these protein crystals are made of yet, besides they appear to be synthesized de novo by the pathogen in the human host. Hopefully their molecular weight is low enough to do NMR rather than X-ray crystallography. That will save us time as my opinion is NMR is much easier to interpret, but then again the protein crystals we see appear very pure, which would make X-ray crystallography easier... We'll see , as again, all this costs time and money and requires access to expensive equipment.

Incidently, the history of the Army bioweapons program indicated they persued two particular paths during and after World War II; one which was lethal pathogens which could be sprayed over enemy territory (ie. weaponized anthrax), the second was an incapacitating agent which would cause persistent sickness making enemy troops and/or civilians easier to control. This was back in the 1960s. Many good people who worked on these classified bioweapons programs were told it was 'to defend America' and so on, it was only to be sprayed on the enemy troops during times of war, etc. We now have 50 years and trillions of dollars in weaponization behind us. All's fair in love and war, but the fact that the policy planning circles in governments and their corrupt defense contractors are spraying their own citizens for their own evil purposes is absolutely ridiculous and really borders on comically absurd, just from the sheer insanity and arrogance of these people.

Yes, they want population reduction, but this is not really an efficient way accomplish such a goal, so there is something else to this. I think the chemtrails must have a broader purpose (manipulation of human genetics, advanced internal proteomics, hybrid biological/semiconductor networks, etc) rather than simply the purpose of killing off the hosts. You could do lethality much easier and cheaper with a simpler program like mycoplasm with synthetic toxic protein products, you do not need this ridiculously advanced nanotechnology with internal AAO networks, synthetic proteomics, chimera infectious hybrids with complex life cycle, etc to accomplish that goal. Anyway so I tend to think this is for some deeper purpose like dynamic responsive population control, broad-scale selective eugenics, advanced human survellience, RFID, large-scale human genetics research, data collection, internal human RF nanotechnology, neural/semiconductor interfacing, etc. This is speculation but I think this is where the road is leading. Of course these pathogens are supposed to make you somewhat sick, as sick people are easier to control, but I think this weapons system must have an element of data collection. If not, that would like be buying a $15trillion dollar Lexus without the power windows. If I made a system like this I would certainly include data collection ability because such data is invaluable (ie. host genetics, host proteomic expression, host enzyme isoforms, host single nucleotide polymorphisms, immune response, etc). That is a gold mine for the insane Illuminist criminals which inherit their legacy directly from the Third Reich.

But again this is speculation I don't have data on these details. Maybe we'll have more info soon, I'm working as fast as I can on getting microbiologists and pathologists involved. I am a bioinformatics and pharmacology specialist, so I need help from medical doctors and pathologists. At the very least they need to put results of 'red wine' spit test, human macrophage and RBC under darkfield microscope, possibly cryo-TEM, and take pictures to evaluate. We need to establish the specific nature of the intracellular pathogen in RBC and macrophage, including pathogen PCR; that is key to unlocking this ridiculous and absurd weapons program.


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