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Re: Regarding the use of probiotics - and possible pitfalls/dangers...Re: Somebody tell/prove me...why CAN'T it be assimilated ANYwhere in the intestines? :Re: Yes & No (& maybe) "yeast food for thought" Re: Red Star Yeast T6635+B-12 not synthetic.
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Regarding the use of probiotics - and possible pitfalls/dangers...Re: Somebody tell/prove me...why CAN'T it be assimilated ANYwhere in the intestines? :Re: Yes & No (& maybe) "yeast food for thought" Re: Red Star Yeast T6635+B-12 not synthetic.

Time is short here (I'm on a quick 'garden break'...we're still trying to get the rest of our garden in after the wet Iowa spring/early summer -grrr). Okay, time got longer as I started typing, lol.

I agree with you all over the place :) Just to clarify here:
>>>Makes perfect sense to me... except for the acidic part. I dont think acid is always a bad thing...<<<

More agreement! I meant the acidic aspect of the sludge build-up in our intestines & liver (my first few Liver Flushes singed my nose hairs!). To me, the entire 'acid/alkaline' discussions & recommended diets & modalities are more 'band-aiding' (as well as a distraction from the baseline truth). Sheesh, Weston Price saw 'the masses' of many cultures eating high quantities of meat & dairy...yet they were very healthy. I think Schulze sums it up best (and simplest) - every disease is because of lack of flow. If every organ is clean, the diet/environment is free of poisons (chemical & electrical), we avail ourselves to sunlight & exercise, and the blood/oxygen flows freely throughout the body, there's no illness to be found. But that's too "simple" for most to comprehend or consider...and it requires a total diet/lifestyle change that few are willing to undertake. And of course, it's no accident that virtually the entire human race now believes that 'all things body' are far too complex & 'scientific' to get their heads around the idea that it's actually a VERY simple process to restore ourselves to health, and there's virtually no supplements (or anything else that comes in a bottle) necessary for health...except of course, things like fish oil & some type of superfood (which we SHOULD be able to get from our diet).

(In case you/anyone didn't know it, back at the turn of the century, the AMA was going under financially and was purchased by Rockefeller & the Pharmaceutical Cartel...they went on a MASS 'public relations' blitz -read: propaganda-, including a weekly radio show, convincing the masses how dangerous it was to treat yourself or go to any healer other than one 'scientifically certified' by the AMA - they used the entire 'better life through chemicals & advanced science' to ensure the people knew they were too uneducated to ever treat themselves - or rely upon a 'natural' healer. Once they got the public suitably behind them with the fear mongering, they proceeded to the government and wiped out all of their competition -except the chiropractors & osteopaths...both had a strong union & money to fight). Whoops, I's just so sad for me to see so many people buying all kinds of supplements and getting the crap scammed out of them in the world of 'natural health'...our bodies and health are NOT complicated and there's hardly anything we really need to attain health (that comes out of a bottle, anyway).

Dr. Schulze cured thousands of people with the WORST of symptoms & multiple diseases by cleansing & feeding the body (and forcing FLOW via various protocols). Sure he used some herbs to get folks over the hump, but for the most part, he saw symptoms melting away and the body healing itself incredibly after a week or two...sometimes as soon as a few days! And he didn't do any acid/alkaline testing or use ANY chemicals (not even Epsom Salts for liver flushing).

And I enjoy your "aquarium references". I had a 50 gallon hex for decades, until finally, somehow, it just got to be too much of a hassle (there was only one place in our tiny farm house to put it - and that was in a place of major/direct sunlight. It was always a healthy tank - but with all that sunlight I was never able to figger out how to maintain control of the 'green'. But OH, how I loved that tank and taking care of it (and sitting beside and watching the 'underwater world'). Between the bubbles and the 'life', I always felt restored in my spirit.

You obviously have 'major' tanks...a hobby? business? After living in Miami in the late 80's (and snorkeling whenever I could) I always wanted to try a salt water tank (capture my own fishies & critters), but once I moved away, the cost was too prohibitive to consider it. :(

Whoops, hubby's yelling for me to get to work while there's still sunshine...'sorry for the 'rant' - gotta fly!


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