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Re: The banking system is another thread
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The banking system is another thread

Yep, agreed again. It is overwhelming to some people. I know this. I know this with certainty from first hand experience because at one time it was overwhelming for me...oh, starting some time around 6 to 7 years ago. It was around that time that in distinct bits and pieces, it finally started sinking in for me that many individuals and select groups of people who should be in jail for the crimes and atrocities they have systematically been contributing to, were not in jail. Instead of being in jail, they were pretty much left to continue doing, systematically, whatever they were doing in whatever capacity they were accustomed to contributing ... while in high office, in low office, in middle offices, in the media, in government, in the military, in the court system, in commerce, medicine, education, church, science, whatever, lots of people truly belonging behind bars were not in jail. To a significant extent, I've gotten over the act of being overwhelmed ... glad to have gotten that out of the way.... but what about all those people who have left that task on the back burner, still to be gotten over?

Yep, agreed again, that they have amassed enough control at this point that they no longer feel the need to be so secretive. Instead they are becoming more brazen and blatant in their despicable actions all the time. To me this is what stands out as among the most astonishing aspect of the way current events have been reported the past several years - conservatively the past 10 to 15 years .... Ruby Ridge?, yawn.... Waco?, the nation continues to snooze..... Iran-Contra arms for hostages for illicit drugs to be poured onto America's streets?, boring....... Monicagate?, hohum...... Bosnia/Serbia?, so pedestrian...... 911?, just so much "unpatriotic, unAmerican loony theory", besides, lets go shopping at Walmart and maybe we can swing by the golden arches .... and the nation at large continues to snooze. In a way, who can argue with them for being so brazen? Who's gonna stop them? People can shout all day "they can't be doing those kinds of things, 'cause, duh, those kinds of things you speak of are, like, totally illegal, dude". Again, I say, who's going to stop them? Who's going to protect us from our protectors? It's like the old saying, "sometimes, if you wanna see that the job gets done right, you have to do it yourself". At the end of the day, the person who wants to be protected from their protectors better start learning how to protect themselves.... self defense... at least until they make that "illegal" too. In recent months, people have been carted off to jail for having committed the lowly crime of reciting passages of the Constitution, in public. The cops, robbers and other low-lifes in the collective employ of Homeland Security, seemed plenty content to help in carting off such criminals to the American gulag. How far away can it really be before a "law" is enacted that makes it a punishable federal crime for a peaceable person who attempts to provide for their own self defense?

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