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Re: Viruses

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Viruses


Why is it that some people get sick from the flu, and others dont. Why do slews have tons of "disease" and fast moving clean rivers do not.

I would say the main difference is stagnation which leads to a host of other problems... my theory is that because there is stagnation in the body, the cells cannot get the nutrients and oxygen they need. And because there is that lack, the virus can take hold. In healthy well nourished cells, virus' cannot take hold.

I have no way to validate my theory, other than looking at nature.

Here is the link to serveral therapies used in conjunction to cure aids. I am sure they removed blockages, removed nutrition deficiencies, and increased flow of the body. Aswell as saturated the body with oxygen, which helps to do a number of things... detox, nourish, and whatnot.

P.S. Please dont take this the wrong way, but the tone of your posts have been challenging, arrogant, and full of contempt. Charlie is helping alot of people, and has alot of experience/knowledge. A person you should want to learn from, and be thankful just for the opportunity to even ask your questions. And as you well you know his goal here is to bring health and healing to people in this forum... and keep the arguments away because this takes away from healing.

Aswell your doing something very silly... your taking your knowledge of conventional allopathic medicine and expecting Charlie to know what your talking about, and then attacking him with contempt because he didnt learn what you did. Charlie obviously has a different knowledge of healing and whatnot than you... and you need to rise to his knowledge, not the other way around. And considering that the knowledge that is performing miracles is the knowledge Charlie has... you might want to be a little more respectful, understanding, and open to him and his approaches.

I am not perfect, and I have done the same as you... so I know where your coming from. And I doubt your trying to do harm, and am just trying to learn. Possibly getting frustrated a bit. But remember we are all on the same side here, so lets try to get along and play nice.


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