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[the iodine opponents are] living in the past

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Published: 13 years ago
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[the iodine opponents are] living in the past

I totally understand where those guys are coming from though, and I agree with them. We SHOULD be able to get everything that we need to achieve and maintain vibrant health from the foods that we eat..
We SHOULD feel safe ingesting commercially grown produce and commercially raised meat.
We SHOULD be able to drink water from the tap and know that it is not poisoned.
And we should be able to breathe the air and know that this air is sustaining us.

We can't do those things and maintain health, I know that this is true.

I had never, in my life, taken vitamins, herbs, etc, for more than a month or two. I've always eaten(relatively) well(I thought). And I always thought it best to get vitamins & stuff from food. To my credit, I've also always avoided doctors like the plague. I have never in my life been on a prescriiption drug with the exception of a couple of run-ins with antibiotics. I've also always gotten lots of exercise. so...healthy, yes?


I had had FBD for years, and it was my understanding that it would go away after menopause. So I never really gave it much thought, except, of course, when it would flare up before my period. And it was my understanding that this condition was benign. And very common. Well, common it is, benign it's not. It's a pre-cancerous state.

So, how did this "healthy" gal end up in a pre-cancerous state?

First of all, I grew up in the goiter belt, the soils there are very iodine-deficient.

Round about 1980 is when they took the iodine out of the bread and replaced it with bromide. I don't know exactly when the salt was no longer iodized as a matter of course.

I lived the first 34 years of my life in fluoridated communities. And, it turns out that a lot of the foods I've consumed over the years contained fluoride, in the form of pesticide residues, fumigants, or as fluoridated water as an ingredient in commercial beverages.

I've consumed bromide in the form of bread, pasta, gatorade(always did like the green stuff). Pesticides, methyl bromide, probably breathed it when I lived in Santa Cruz.

Well, guess what? My body can't even utilize what little iodine I'm managing to get in my diet because F and Br are sitting on the receptors. So, no apoptosis.

Long story short, start on iodine supplementation with all the companion nutrients and detox assistance when necessary. FBD...buh, bye. Took a little over a year.

So, the gal that doesn't "believe" in supplements and HAS done it right(sort of) ends up pre-cancerous???? These frickin vitamin pills and drops of Lugol's saved my LIFE! I was NOT getting what I need from the food! What I was getting from the food, the water and the air was POISON! NOT life-sustaining.

That's right. It's a different world now, people. We are polluted with substances the likes of which have not been known to mankind. Iodine is a great therapy to boot out some of those bad boys. Might be miserable here and there throughout the journey, but the rewards are awesome.

And there is NO way that one could eats enough kelp to provide a therapeutic dose. Not enough to boot out the F, Br, lead & mercury.

And black walnuts? I still have not found a nutritional analysis of black walnut. Just the words of herbalists that it "contains iodine". Well, sorry to burst people's bubbles, but any black walnuts grown in the goiter belt are going to be very low in I. A plant can only take up what the soil contains.

So, sure, in dream-land, we could chew on some roots and berries and get everything we need. But we are a poisoned populace. And we must take other means, including ingesting elements and un-natural vitamin and mineral pills, to detoxify and take back our health, which is our BIRTHRIGHT.

And, back to the "why" of the criticism of iodine supplementation... of course, there's the profit motive, for those who sell things here on CZ. But we won't go there... :)


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