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Published: 13 years ago
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Main Entry: lu·cid Pronunciation: \ˈlü-səd\ Function: adjective Etymology: Latin lucidus, from lucēre Date: 1591
1 a: suffused with light : luminous b: translucent
2: having full use of one's faculties : sane
3: clear to the understanding : intelligible
synonyms see clear
— lu·cid·ly adverb
— lu·cid·ness noun

What’s up with “lucid hunt 27/7”……..? didn’t think I would have to write in words..but when the teacher, Wombat, calls you up before the class…I’ll reply…humbly ..but saying, in my mind…’what did I get my self first week speaking up in class when I’ve been soundless for months‘…..deep breath…’here goes’..

--“lucid” Yes to your ?s wombat… as to myself +++(love truth/wisdom )+++ … as to others +++(love truth and those that try and keep getting up when they fell and try again with evaluation…hate/hatred of con artists of what ever handle/title/office/religion/management operation )+++…

> (side note) two camps 1first-)truth a n d 0zero)not truth the ‘hunt’ is discovery of thewho is mixing a little falseness with truth…to take/ steal from you for their benefit/profit/fun/power. What can they take…your health, your time, your money, your family, your freedom, your country, your soul’s immortality.

-- as to the “24/7” …sometimes on the ‘front ’ sometimes on the ‘back burner’

the older I get the less I believe/accept the ‘masses’ (so called) truth/traditions/wisdom. I don’t avoid life but participate. And by participating I share what truth I know…(if I feel they want to listen--my choice) I‘m still deceived/hoodwinked …just not as often nor as long…

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