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Re: Got Milk?...Hemp milk that is....
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Got Milk?...Hemp milk that is....

"Believe me my body would be much much younger without having had any coffee.

I'm sure there are some people who lived through the 1960's that can look through their rear view mirror and say well I really could have done much better without such and such, even though I did enjoy it all at the time."

When I grew up, I learned that coffee was a stimulant...not much different than amphetamines, other than it was Legal. Most people I knew who drank it, did so, for a myraid of different reasons (as amphetamines) yet a Huge factor was 'to get the day started' from either too long of an evening the night before OR too much to drink OR ___________________ (fill in the blank).

When I took amphetamines (aka various names of speed) when I was in my teens and early twenties, it was due to the fact I LOVED going fast! I loved the rush of being able to go without eating, due to my metabolism speeding and just bouncing off the walls, in general. I have heard from some people, when they began drinking coffee, it was similar to me taking speed. In time, that effect was no longer there...for coffee drinkers and it took more amphetamines to do the trick for me. Consequently, I did stop. Coffee drinkers Choose that 'substance' because they still love it... and alledgedly because it is addicting. (There are many things in this world that are addicting and there are many people in this world who can drop their habit (mine was alcohol) when they DECIDE/CHOOSE to do so. (I CHOSE to stop drinking and did so WITHOUT AA or any other thing...'cold turkey'. AND JUST FOR THE RECORD: I am NOT saying that cold turkey is for everyone...but it can be done.)

The reason I say this is: IF you begin ingesting something with the thought it is NOT good for you, no matter what, even though you like doing it...your mind set is this is bad for me, no matter what I like about it. So, as I said above:

"One can ingest something that is 'bad' and enjoy it, with NO consequences, as long as they see it from different eyes. The eyes that I LOVE this stuff, is not going to harm One's body. The eyes that I WANT this stuff, EVEN THOUGH it is 'BAD' for me CAN (not neccesarily WILL) cause all types of problems for One's Body and Mind."

As for ingesting things that are 'bad' and body being younger. My body is not that aged because of the substances I ingested. I am 45 and look younger. My body has a few spots that could be 'rehabilitated' because of the belief I had around alcohol and drugs, fortunately not foods, until recently. So, foods have NOT had time to 'damage' my body and I am changing that belief around it now so I do not have problems, due to belief of foods.

IF you believe something is bad, then it is. There are too many people who have living examples that 'do' things to their body everyday, that is SUPPOSED to harm them and DOESN'T.

Again, IMO, it is ALL a matter of PERSPECTIVE.


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