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Re: I am finding this hard to believe.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: I am finding this hard to believe.


If you are new to this topic, you may not be aware that there are various other potential reasons why jet planes have been dispensing unusually harmful trails. To do this simply for the purpose of further poisoning people who may not be getting enough daily poison as it is from public schools, higher ed, TV, radio, movies, the food they eat, water they drink and air they breath, clearly looks / sounds pretty stupid at face value. For many people that reason alone makes it so difficult for them to seriously consider. Do not rule out the flip side; for the vast majority of us, this means do not dismiss whatever it is that we don't know. After all, stupid is as stupid does. Speaking of things stupid, here is something else for you to find too difficult to believe; HR 2977Just as some friendly advice, perhaps it is time for you to become a bit familiar with at least some of the more rudimentary aspects of this world that can be too difficult to believe. Studying history, perhaps studying a bit of the laws on the books, and the like, is a good place for you to give this a whirl.

Outside the realm of merely poisoning whatever jet exhaust eventually comes to land upon, there is some information out there that suggests chemtrails are concocted to provide USDoD (specifically their broad assortment of fly boys and fly toys that fall under the broad umbrella of tactical / military / intel, and when all else fails "friendly / peace-keeping / UN" purposes) a technical advantage. There have been organizations who have analyzed & tested some of the ingredients that fall to the ground due to these otherwise non-existent chemical trails. Among the ingredients found are various types of metals, salts, barium and the like. Even military officials have been publicly quoted that such ingredients provide an "over the horizon" view, electronically speaking. This is just a political nerd's way of saying that by polluting the sky with tiny metalic particulate matter, they can better exploit radar, satellite, and other techno toys . Also bear in mind that these military officials have been publicly quoted as such all the while maintaining the posture that "chemtrails? what chemtrails? chemtrails don't exist".

You asked if anyone like a news person has followed this story. While I do not know if any such news person has followed this story, the best answer to your question may be another question; do you actually believe that a news person exists out there in the mainstream able & willing to follow & subsequently report fairly, honestly and unbiased on whatever they might turn up on this story?

To follow on DQ's comments about big companies, 2 related questions for you: do you find it difficult to believe in the Supreme Court of the US?; how, exactly, in your own words, does one send a big company to jail?

For business purposes, to include but not limited to tax purposes, a big company IE> corporation, is a person. If you find that difficult to believe, please refer back to the question on SCOTUS. SCOTUS says that artificial entities like corporations, are entitled to the benefits of real flesh & blood persons BUT have the unique benefit that they (corporations) do not have to honor obligations to all the same responsibilities of real persons as real persons like me and you do. For instance, you can sue a corporation, and win, and receive $$ for your trouble, but rarely do the animated persons behind artificial corporations get held liable and responsible for their actions the way real people do. When real people lose in court, often times they do in fact end up in jail. When corporations lose in court, the corporation loses some $$ but the actual corporation does not go to jail. They merely are allowed to continue business while jacking up their rates OR lowering their employees wages OR both so as to recoup the $$ they lost in court. Many times they have earned the right to go to jail, but they just don't. Many times bankers tied to corporations out the backside are the judges on the front side determining who goes to jail, who doesn't, and who gets the $$ by court order. For real people, this is a conflict of interest that is expressly prohibited AND enforced as such. For corporate persons, this is SOP that often goes unenforced. There are lots of corporations that have earned their keep behind bars.... just haven't managed to be put behind bars. The US as a corporation is a specimen example. Imagine the size of prison complex necessary to sufficiently house U.S.Inc? Under the current system that the US as a corporation is managed, can you also imagine how much our taxes would need to increase in order to fund & staff such a facility? This is sort of a trick question. If we can get to the point of sentencing to jail the US as a corporation, chances are pretty good that we would finally be able to do away with various criminal syndicates being operated at the behest of this corporation ... like the Federal Reserve ... like the IRS. As such, no taxes would be necessary to build such a prison, but instead, the order would go out "build this prison", the resources would be brought to bear and the laborers would be compensated accordingly. This corporation, by the way, at least publicly, is the face behind entities like the USDoD that in turn are flying those chemtrail jets that don't exist because, well, it's too difficult to believe, you see?





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