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Re: It's ALWAYS Been Out Of Hand!
shortangle2 Views: 2,477
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: It's ALWAYS Been Out Of Hand!

Hey O,

You wrote:

"people would finally realize there's nothing new about this either! The Egyptians used these chemicals as both medicines and embalming agents!"

I wrote:

"To address the issue of Eyptians using mms/ClO2, I'd like to remind everyone, ClO2 is an artificially created molecule that, I believe, has been around for about 200 years now"

You wrote with sarcasm dripping:

"My goodness, Shortangle2... for someone who stated, "sorry, my Science isn't that great" just shy of 2 months ago... you sure have become quite the expert all of the sudden, lol!

Everyone here is quite capable of googling "sodium chlorite" and "ancient Egyptians"... and they will clearly see that... AS I SAID... "The Egyptians used these chemicals as both medicines and embalming agents!".

After reading your most recent posts, though... it really makes me wonder...

Were you just being overly modest?

Or... are you really on somebody's payroll?"

Go to:


"The gas was first produced by Humphrey Davy in 1811 when reacting hydrochloric acid with potassium chlorate. This yielded "euchlorine", as it was then termed. Watt and Burgess, who invented alkaline pulp bleaching in 1834, mentioned euchlorine as a bleaching agent in their first patent...."

Oops. I assume you can get a rough estimate of when "Egyptian" burials took place (hint - it's a moving target).

Ya know, O, I don't mind someone correcting a mistake, but you didn't. I've never conversed with you before, as far as I know, I'm not sure what your hostility is all about.

MY GOODNESS, I still stand by my comment on my scientific abilities. I'm sorry if my having an education is a problem for you, you caught me, I have an M.A. but not in the area of science. Because I think my Science skills are in need of improvement, which they are, doesn't mean I'm a m*o*o*n or incapable of understanding many things. What would I do without reading.

Just to make the world a better place O, you wrote:

"[A]re you really on somebody's payroll?"

Um, who's payroll do you think I'm on, exactly? Don't be a kook, are you into Conspiracy theories? I'm not.

And O, I wish I was on somebody's payroll, but unfortunately, I'm permanantly disabled, so I have to get by on my disability pension. I know, that's a Conspiracy too, right?

O, I hope you don't dip your little foot in my pond again just to be nasty.


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