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Re: Book II event in China
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Book II event in China

BOOK II as wild as it was when I put it together painst a GRIM picture of WORLD WAR II that never stopped! A RACE/RELIGION WAR that was just another step is the pope's dark age war started over 2,000 years ago to rob this world of its education/history and make old weird men as GODS dictating from their castles to the women and children they left alive.

The William Branham Book also on the website is just another education on the best 2,000 years and is loaded with so much occult information very few will ever connect the dots, but what it all boils down to is WAR. A war that never stopped, the ame war that started 2,000 years ago! A WAR to remove all the education of this world and brain wash the remaining people into being stupid enough to bow down to old men and call them Father and leaders we call our Presidents, etc., etc.... This system has became so evil that it uses frequencies/chemicals to mass control the populations of the earth now and will be for ever at war with races that refuse to bow down to the pope. In exchange, these catholic "leaders" world wide pay less or no taxes, are lawyers/judges corporation owners that demands "ALL" be secret mason members of their local groups "IF" they want to operate their business with out threats from the government laws.

It boils down to this again, the COLORED MAN is out numbering the WHITE MAN again! The COLORED MAN knows when this happens,the COLORED MAN ends up being population reduced! This pretty well explains the polio/aids mass population reduction of Africa, the drug problems of South America and the current threat of global war between the asians and the whites which is being faught via $$$$$$$$$$$$$/POWER right will BOIL DOWN to WHO has the ultimate weapon of mass destruction!

It makes no differance if you have a billion soldiers, if all those people can be killed at the touch of a button. WE ALL KNOW Russia and the USA got rid of their massive stock piles of missles loaded with disease, because weapon that make the people drop dead and leave all the building in tack is superior to the soldier that shoots bullets and uses bombs to blow things up.

The BIG BOYS all own HARRP Systems. When the hurricain took out a large black populated city a few years ago, within hours Channel 45 FOX TV announced RUSSIA had used their HARRP SYSTEM on the USA CITY and it could be the first attack of WAR! Naturally that was not aired again and we never heard such a thing there after.

What it amounts to is this:
THE BIG BOYS, the true human farmers.......
THEY LIKE TO REBUILD old countries and that was the major outcome of world war I and II and even the current war as well as the massive reconstruction of vietnaum people into growing food for the world and the last 50 years we have seen certain countries bing chosen to make this and that for the WORLD..

Now we have the USA, the United Nations started what we call WAL-MART, they have owned it from day one and it is LITTLE CHINA in every american city coast to coast and the USA largest BANK! WAL-MART (The UN) owns most of Americas stores! Their method has made ghost towns of every american small town and these towns/cities looks like slums to the OWNERS, slums that need destroyed and REBUILT!

The popes don't tie you to an iron stake anymore and burn you alive, they have this religious thing about the spilling of the blood, so their choice of death is CHEMICALS/FREQUENCIES that lets you die of disease and NO BLOOD SPILLED!

THE WORLD LEADERS HAVE NEVER CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!! The Yale/Harvard Books of world war I era explains their goals REAL CLEAR! They see all colored people as stupid or as a threat and all dumb white people as people who should be STERILIZED!

This is why William Branham who many claim to be the left profit to warn this world warns of those who ORGANIZE! He teached the world on the connection of the Catholic CHURCH and GOVERMENT as being one and the same 2,000 years ago, which stated this dark age war that has never stopped and is murdering millions yearly as an effort to "cleanse" this earth of people the church/government (UN) does not see fit enough to be part of this world population.

In Fact, we humans of the working race are NO DIFFERANT that a heard of cows in any given barn being used and once not productive sent to slaughter.

IN THE USA RIGHT NOW TODAY, the american HORSE owners are all crying that the last Horse slaughter plant was shut down and soon enough the hundreds of thousands of horses sent yearly to Mexico will be shut down and these same people CRY how much they LOVE THEIR HORSES, but out the back of their mouth they are crying more because now they must pay $300.00 to have the vet kill their horse when they no longer want it and they can't send their LOVED HORSE to the slaughter house and receive $600.00 for the meat.

IT IS NO DIFFERANT with those who have world power! They LOVE US ALL as long as we do as they say, live and die as they see fit for us! I have heard it from the mouths of those leaders that have came from WEST POINT who are brain washed to slaughter all humans they are told to anywhere on earth, that is FACT, they admit they murder for the GOOD OF ALL and if that means they must spray chemicals on their own kids/family, then IT IS GOOD FOR ALL.

The people who operate HARRP and all the weapons of world wide destruction I have no doubts have th same "organized" education that they believe they are doing this world a favor by managing our lives and deaths.

Like the farm cow, we OBEY, live and die as directed.

Like the cow, we LOVE OUR MASTERS, we believe they have our best interest at heart.

Thus e call this the times of Noah, when God will see a day where not one human is worthy to be called a human, because they are ALL MUTATED creatures and the last day will come when all will die, the earth's crust rearranged and eventually be suitable for the next class to enter for the next 35,000 earth cycle as explained inside every Bible.

We are all here for the RIDE of our earthly lives, ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN and pray ir last another 1,000+ years.


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