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Baby with eczema. Help!
joyfulnoise Views: 2,442
Published: 14 years ago

Baby with eczema. Help!

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum, so bear with me.
I have a 6 month old son who has had eczema since about 3 mos. old. I have been trying to find out the cause of it. So far I have taken dairy, soy, all nuts, fish, shellfish, egg, wheat, all fruits except for pear, corn, chocolate, tomatoes, and now oats, out of my diet. I think that's all of it. The good news is my son's body has seemed to clear over the last month with only slight rashy dots on his belly and back from time to time. He had begun to get red, rough spots and dots (rash) on his back, belly, arms and then legs. What's left is pretty much his cheeks, top of his hand, one spot on forearm, and the spot on his head (just about gone). The biggest problem is that he got a bacterial infection (staph) on his left cheek earlier on and I think that's why the eczema spread to his hands and right cheek. So he is on a second round of Antibiotics for 3 weeks. I have heard that you can't treat the eczema until the bacterial infection is taken care of. Is that true? Meaning that I won't really be able to tell what is helping him until he gets rid of the bacterial infection? If this Antibiotic doesn't work, does anyone know of anything more natural I could use to kill bacteria?
I also need to know when I would expect to see the flare-up happen after he eats or comes in contact with the allergen? This is probably the most confusing part for me. When I look at my daily log of what I've eaten (as I am strictly breastfeeding him at the moment) and his symptoms, I get overwhelmed and don't know how far back I should go when looking at the menus. And I would imagine a contact dermatitis might have a different reaction time frame. Does anyone know?
Also does anyone recommend getting allergy testing done ( food allergy profile)?
I guess they draw some of his blood and then test a large variety of foods. I don't know what else I could possibly take out of my diet. I realize that it may not be food at all, but with testing done, maybe it would give me some idea or confirm some suspicions.
As far as a contact allergen goes, I do have a long-haired Dachshund (hotdog, dog). I have been very careful with the products I use on myself and my boy. I have hardly used any baby shampoo on him for a month and a half or so. I'm thinking maybe that's why his body has cleared, but then again, I just don't know. I also read about a detergent allergy and this has been on my mind too.
Another thought is yeast, but could a six month old baby have a yeast issue already? I do like and crave sugar, but haven't eaten as much for a while. Also have had my thyroid medication in the back of my mind. Could this be affecting him this way? Sorry to ramble on... just feeling overwhelmed.
If anyone has any insight they could share I would appreciate it!
Thanks, joyfulnoise


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