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Re: ??Silver Fox Answers??
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: ??Silver Fox Answers??

Hello Mike,

The interesting thing about testing and research is that eventually things start to clear up, and sometimes even make sense.

I don't know the extent of Jim Humbles testing, but I have come to the conclusion that no one reviewed his work. I think Clara's protocol may be closer, but I even have problems with that.

Here is a list of questions that I am working on...

Why is so much activator still being used? I can understand it when the activator of choice was vinegar, lemon and lime juice, but now we have graduated to 10% citric acid . Adding more acid to the mixture simply releases more ClO2 into the air. If the purpose is to activate and still have a good concentration left in solution to work within the body, why the extra acid?

Why the 28% sodium chlorite solution? Directions are given for using a 3.5% solution, so why didn't Jim simply put together a similar strength and sell it at a decent price. He could have gone all the way up to 5% and marketed a stronger version of stabilized oxygen, and if he kept the price in line, he could have had the whole market. I see 2 ounce bottles of stabilized oxygen selling for $20 - 40. He could of offered a 4 ounce bottle for $10 - 15 and still made a good profit. I haven't found anything that specifically requires 28% sodium chlorite to work. The only thing I come up with is that if you are going into the wilds of the wilderness and need a lot of it, it is more convenient to carry a higher concentration.

I am also having a problem understanding the high doses for such a long period of time. ClO2 kills quickly. I can appreciate the malaria dose of 15 drops and then another 15 drops a couple of hours later. The next day you are over it. This may actually work. However, the idea of gradually working up to, then maintaining a high dose several times a day doesn't make sense. At higher doses, most things simply pass right through your system. You are better off with multiple low doses. With the half life of chlorite being around 40+ hours, it could take 10 days to get it out of your system. Also, along these same lines, I don't think that under heavy demand the solution can continue to produce ClO2 over 12 hours. Under light to medium isolated demand, I am getting around 8 hours when using a 5:1 activation and around 12 hours when using a 1:1 activation. I imagine that inside the body there is a lot more going on than what my experiment is dealing with, so I would be inclined to, at a minimum, cut those times in half. However, it could be that what I think of as a light to medium load is actually more than that.

Another thing that bothers me is the lack of warning about ingesting high concentrations of ClO2. Everyone in industry, and everyone who has had any Haschem training knows that high concentrations of Cl2 and ClO2 either breathed in or ingested will make you sick. Jim alludes to ending up with a 1 PPM solution several times in his book, but doesn't add to that a warning about what happens when you go over that.

I am also not sure about the whole idea of ramping up the dose. I have given some pretty sick people 6 drop doses at the onset and have had no adverse reactions. It could be that I am associated with healthier people, or perhaps there is something to this. I look at Miracle-Mineral-Supplement as first aid. Knock the bad stuff down quickly, then move on to healing. If the bad stuff can't be quickly knocked down, move on to something else with a better track record. I would much rather see people building up their whole body systems than spending an extended period of time trying to kill bad stuff off with an unknown.

I am still trying to figure out how to conduct a test on good bacteria. I would like to see if ClO2 kills them off, or if it is indeed selective.

As you know, I have gone round and round with Bruce trying to "educate" him on the benefits of the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement protocol, but I have come away realizing that not only is Bruce more approachable, but everything he states is usually backed up with independent verification.

I was hoping to find some support in Dr. Hesselink's work, but it appears that he is approaching the whole thing from a theoretical research point of view and has no hands on experience. I must admit that he does present a compelling starting point, but someone needs to follow through on his ideas to see if he is correct.

All in all, I still believe that there can be benefit from ingesting an activated solution of sodium chlorite. I have read a lot of successful testimonials and also have seen benefits first hand. The challenge is figuring out the best way to maximize the benefits and minimize any side effects and dangers. I am still unsure of the hazards associated with long term use. I think most people can handle a short duration trial, but I am still undecided about long term use.

I have run thousands of tests on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I am finally getting to the point where I feel that I have an understanding of how it is possible for this stuff to work, and I think I can guide someone on how to try it somewhat safely. Now we need a microbiologist to explore what it does after it enters the body.

Well, that's about it... for now.


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