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Re: Strattera Adverse Events: Deaths Mount - Will EU Health Authorities Intervene?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Strattera Adverse Events: Deaths Mount - Will EU Health Authorities Intervene?

Thank you Chris for this article.  Oh, you have just touched a raw nerve.  What are they doing to our children?  And how low can one sink to subject our innocent, our children, to these drugs and their devastating effects? 

In today's age, we shake our heads over our out of control children, not realizing what factors may be in play.  So many of them are out of control because of the drugs in their systems and I am referring to the "legal" drugs.

First we had ADD which was then upgraded to ADHD.  These are nothing else but diseases that have been created in order to dispense certain drugs, the end result being profit and the control of our children and society.  A child is hyper.  That can be corrected by diet and discipline.  Yet parents are so very dumbed down that they do not exercise their God given right of independence toward their children and lose any semblance of common sense.  I am not blaming these parents.  I am blaming the subtle brainwashing done by the medical community and the media; what is politically correct, what is accepted.  Normally, wouldn't the proper person to trust be "those in the know?"  Yet, sadly,  I'm afraid we left any semblance of "normal" a long time ago.  It is up to us to educate ourselves and to stay informed and do what is best for our children.

And yet even more heartbreaking is the fact that many of these parents will not turn to proper nutrition.  This is as a result of convenience and listening and putting their trust in their doctors.  It hurts my heart when I hear mothers parrot off what their doctors tell them, convinced that this is the truth.  Yet, their "ADD" and "ADHD" children are actually worse off while taking these drugs.  I try to point this out to them but they are blinded and continue to believe what the doctors tell them, and that is that the "dose must be adjusted."  I have not seen one child improve under the adjustment of a dose.  I see them become more out of control.

Our children are being robbed of their very childhood.  Many times a boy is just being a boy.  Remember what that was like?  Yes, they get in trouble and are mischievous.  It's a boy! 

I have seen children, and as I write this one little boy comes to mind.  He was the sweetest little boy in the world.  Now under these drugs, he has turned out of control, belligerent and curses his mother out on a regular basis.  His mother, now distraught, still believes the propaganda touted by the medical community and the media. 

Outrage is indeed the word.  They are doing nothing less than robbing our children of their very souls, sometimes unto death.  How evil is this?  The worst evil of all.

I, too, hope that someday there will be a reckoning for these people.  Yet, I am afraid that reckoning will not become a reality until we the people say enough is enough and take back our lives, our very own God given rights. 

Both children and the elderly are my passion and they are both being terribly mistreated by the very ones that are supposed to protect them.




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