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Urine Enemas as powerful as Urine Therapy (oral ingestion)
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Published: 14 years ago

Urine Enemas as powerful as Urine Therapy (oral ingestion)

I've been compiling some testimonials from the Yahoo Urine Therapy List. For some members there, adding or switching to Urine Enemas seems to be the magic bullet for their ailments, even after months of Urine Therapy (oral ingestion).

Here's some of the testimonials, I will re-compile when more is gathered. I'm not familiar with their message interface at the moment.

Urine Enema healed Irritable Bowel Syndrome

My husband has been doing urine enemas for the past 4 months, 2 to 3 times a day ... and the irritable bowel syndrome he was diagnosed with 3 years ago seems to be completely cured (healed).
SOURCE : Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Yahoo Urine Therapy List)

Urine Enema knocked out Hepatitis C symptoms

I might add that urine enemas knocked out my hep c symptoms and renewed my energy and zest for life.
SOURCE : Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Yahoo Urine Therapy List)

Urine Enemas cured migraines

I turned 71 this year and I am in the best health of my life right now. That wasn't the case just a few years ago. The reason I joined this group a few year back was because I had read that UT would help people with Migraines and I suffered with them month in and out since my childhood.

It was the advice that Garnet gave me, who was then the moderator of this group, that introduced me to Urine enemas. After the 3rd enema, the headaches I had endured over 60 years of my life, stopped. I have never again taken the medication "Zomig" that I had been on for many years. That was three years ago, and so I can say that the help I received on from this UT group has been life changing for me.

It was Garnet that suggested I try the Urine Enema rather than just drinking my urine as I had been for several months, and that was the magic bullet.

People who have migraines often have the migraine auras as well. for me that is a strange crystalline star like shapes in many colors that pulsate off the right or left peripheral edges of my vision. It is strange that I still have these auras, which I used to find fascinating, that would last 10 to 15 minutes and would precipitate a migraine attack by 1 to 2 hours. So, at least I had a warning. The strange thing is, I still have these same auras from time to time but no migraine headache develops and has not now for over two years.

For myself, urine enemas cured me of 60 years of a terrible migraine condition I
had lived with since I was a small child. So for me this is not just a theory, I have
not used my migraine medication even once for over two years now. I personally
believe that anyone with migraines or bowel problems can benefit greatly from
a UT enema. It took three enemas over a period of two weeks to correct this
condition for me. So use this at least twice a week until you see improvement.
Also try to eat as Alkaline as possible, and use only purified water.


SOURCE : Chronic Conditions and the Urine Enema (Yahoo Urine Therapy List)

Note : I can attest to the short, colorful "shooting stars" in the field of vision, preceding a migraine attack. I do see them from time to time, but no longer get any migraine headaches. Urine enemas work in strange ways :) - Maurice

Maurice from Singapore

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